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    I just sent a news on Blog ( surely awaiting 24 Hours approval ) ,but i forgot that the blog need to edit.I am afraid my blog will not approval causes it.I haven’t already yet find menu for edit/ preview before sent to get approval. Please tell me how to find it?.Thank you

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    I agree with you gozy , because of the unavailability of the edit menu / preview we finally had to repeat when there is an error , plus if already in the reject by admin , forced to make another of his discussion .


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    Yes, it should be added.

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    well it really necessary that admin must provide either the preview facility or editing facility. I have already made few spelling mistakes and want to edit it.

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    I agree, if there is a mistake we can fix it

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    And also, if there’s an edit option, we can make the better view with adding pic etc

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    Yes ! dear members , this option should be here while making blog article, forum topic,and asking question or even to edit the previously added answer too.

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    You really discussed genuine problem here. Admin or OC staff must think about it. Thanks to bring the real one issue here.

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    This is a genuine problem I also faced this problem, Admin should look up this

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    I understand the problems you say you want to preview the article before you publish on oc i agree with you on this if the admin through it it would be very practical to avoid the errors committed members during sign Posts on the oc

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    @gozy try looking at this example and screenshot to find the “EDIT” button for your post and comments on OC.


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