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    How to Correct Points Deductions

    Most of you that have or will login today will have questions about why you are seeing Points Deducted from your account. This is a direct result of users creating or making comments, topics, q&a just for points.

    @admin will be addressing this later today so Please refrain from Starting New Topics about it.

    So what can you do Now?

    Here is a List of things that were mentioned about trying to make Points Only.


    • Repeated comments are most likely for Points only.
    • Repeated comments back to back are most likely for Points only.
    • Repeated comments using same reply are most likely for Points only.

    Do Not’s for Q&A

    • Do Not keep posting in the Answer the Question Box.
    • Do Not keep Replying with Same Answer No matter Who’s Question & Answer it is.
    • Do Not Reply to Q&A with remark of ( We will let @admin reply to this ).

    ***As these have been identified as Only to Make Points Response’s***

    How to Properly address Response’s to your Question.

    • Use the Reply Box provided below the person’s Response.
    • Only Reply where something of good information is needed. (Such as Link, Post of Answer)
    • Use Good Judgement as to only post if something needs to be answered.

    ****Don’t Just Post Forum Topics, Q&A, Blog Comments Just for Points.**** 

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    Good tips, we all should follow them carefully and help OC to maintain the discipline.

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    @shirish5 with some of the Forum Topics being deleted and with Q&A being deleted we all will be affected by this.

    As I am just as guilty as anyone on OC for trying to answer Q&A and Forum Topics that were or will be deleted.

    Of course I put this topic up while still half asleep, and getting ready to go to hospital. So it most likely has errors in it. :(

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    You are 100% correct @ardodd. And thanks to guide us in this way. I will really follow your tips.

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    Thank you @hafiz786 I am just as quilty as everyone else is when it comes to Posting in Forums. As I have come across alot of Forum Post that are completely clueless or asking me to look and find it for them.

    I do not mind helping members find anything but it would be more fun if they would tell us about the game and find some resource that makes it special.

    Not just Post it is good game what are your thoughts?

    It is not something I like to answer, because I do not know what it is and what it does. I mean tell me what it is what it does then we on track.

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    thanks Ardodd for tips and information, it is very helpful .. sometimes we do not know what causes the points we undergo cuts in the next day, as if we do not make mistakes

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    Thank you @mbach as I sometimes do not know what things are myself and have to ask. And I know we all try our best to contribute on all Topics.

    And lately not very many people have been posting much because we are all afraid of losing points.

    And when we are afraid of losing points we dont post or reply to anything, so participation begins to go down.

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    You really gave very nice and useful tips here in this topic. Thank you @ardodd to guide us in this way. I will try my best to do care while making / posting any new stuff from my side.

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    Thanks for sharing such guide its really helpful for the members good work @ardodd keep it up.

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    @ardodd  ! Thank you very much to share these tips and reasons of points deduction. You are more than 100% correct for telling us these reasons. I will try my best to avoid such activities. You really shared very nice and useful information and guide.

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    thank the members share me know

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