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    Do you know? Why some members put HTML codes with their post? Such codes make our post very difficult to read and understand. Then why members do so? Is there is nay special reason for doing so? OR this is all due to some kind of technical error in OC?

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    It is caused due to technical error while posting click the ‘text’ on right hand top corner of box then you don’t get this error.

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    shirish5 its not the technical error, its usually happens when someone try to copy paste the content.

    may be I am wrong!!

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    This could be technical error but not sure why those type this code here.

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    Only one reason for this error is :

    Member who try to copy formatted text from somewhere and paste it into the box. After submitting that reply coding appears.

    So, if you really want to copy paste than make sure your text is plain.

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    I will strongly agree with @amirshad. He is 100% correct for mentioning the main reason of this coding. So, always type your words yourself.

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    members by copying the content from another page will be happening on the html source code oc

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