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    Can I Share My Referral Link At Vimeo Along With My Video?

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    You can share you link by all the ways that at legit.

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    Off course you can share the link in your promoting video to get real referals.

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    @shahzadmalik Vimeo is a video sharing place that shares your video. Most online websites do not allow for this and have been banned for it. If you want points for people viewing your referral link I would do it in a different manner as it could get your account on OnlineCasino banned.

    I would contact @admin before I even tried this practice.

    I would try the traditional make your own video and put it on YouTube before I would risk my account on OnlineCasino being banned.

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    It is better to get the clarification from admin before you try this method. Some times it will result in banning in OC if you do some thing which is against the OC rules. Please get it clarified before proceeding.

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    @ardodd the purpose behind sharing of this topic in forum is that @Administrator should notice it. and Provide me and all of you the proper guidance for sharing of referral links, in Detail.

    Now I am waiting for admin reply.

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    I agree @shahzadmalik that it is worth asking in Forum for @admin clarification of it.

    I also said I would not do it until approval was made. Not saying you are doing it but rather it would or could hurt someone if they did before asking.

    So yes @shahzadmalik it is a good question maybe @admin would answer this topic.

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    Yes, of course ,you can do so. It’s not a bad idea to share your link. And this is not against the laws of OC.

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    Yes, you can share your referral link along with any video.

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    But where to find the referral link ? We all know that referral link are no more available for us now after the implementation of new rules on this website.

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    you can refer to any Marginalized York forum, but not available in the referral link to your user oc

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    oc allows you to share the link of the forum on social sites and vimeo

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    There is no Referral System on OC anymore..

    This is in response to those who actually did put their referral links on places like Vimeo and other traffic generating sites.

    Like I said in my comments earlier it is not illegal to do this kind of thing.

    Imagine yourself as the owner of OC and you thought your members where getting legitimate traffic to their referral link..And you had members getting hundreds of hits a day and you where giving them $0.01 per visitor. If that member got 500 visitors a day for 7 days how much would you have to them because they found a way to get visitors?

    That you would owe them $35 a week. Are you happy about paying them $35 a week and yet they are not getting to register on OC?

    If it was your business would you want to pay people to cheat lie and steal from you?

    OC Banned the Referral System and the Views to your Profile.

    You can still get people to visit OC but you will not get any points for it.


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