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    @shirish5 i think this feature is not available.


    But You may be able to check it in your points history


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    you check my profile

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    Yes, you can see your referrals. You have to go to you profile page, where you can see you  points history. And in these points you have to look for the points which you got for referrals. In this way you can see your referrals name.

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    May be @hafiz786 is right. But as I have not any experience for referrals. So, I cannot say anything with confident.

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    You can see your referrals form your points history. But, now @admin has stopped this service. Now, we cannot make and see referral links.

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    I have no any idea for the old days, how you can see your referrals. But, I know that, now in these days, we are not able to make referral for OC, Even @admin has disabled our referral links. So, we cannot use them.

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    yes because some members had abused that function is now no longer in oc so these members can not introduce links to others so new members can join in as before oc

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