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    Hi guys,

    Can someone with experience please advice on this Topic? I am very interested trying this but i have a couple of questions.

    It is possible to build such a software?
    It is capable to find a way to win the house?
    What will happen if they catch you using an automated software?

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    i don’t think so…

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    I dont think so. How will you instal the software anyway?

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    well, to my own point of view i don’t think it s possible to use any bot. here

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    admin .. can you give us a tutorial to play this online game ?

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    should not cheating in oc

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    yseterday i play this game, but i have not more any idea for this. in futher i will tell you information

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    Yes, my dear ! it is possible to make such software.  But don’t try to do so, such activity can resulted as blocking you permanently.

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    @hafiz786 is correct. We should not encourage anbody to do so.

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    I think it is like cheating if you do this then this is not better for you admin can block you so please do not encourage other to make such software.

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