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    I have read all rules and limits listed on the page ‘Earn money with OC’ page. Now I want to confirm that; Are all of these/those rules and limits 100% correct and applicable ?

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    Yes almost all rules and limits are correct and applicable; currently except that we cannot get any point for any kind of pages views or our posted stuff’s views made by other members. We can only get points for:

    1. Asking new question (10 questions per day)

    2. Answering on questions (25 answers per day)

    3. Posting new forum topics (10 topics per day)

    4. Replying on forum topics (50 replies per day)

    5. Commenting on blogs (50 comments per day)

    I hope; this will be helpful for you. I tried my best to help you in this way.

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    yeah right as members commented guddu 100% limits of applicable oc

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