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    I think there should be Limit to the Weekly Draw. In my opinion the people that are winning the Weekly Draw I dont even know, have never seen them participate and yet they are rewarded for it.

    I personally am frustrated that there is about 10 people on OnlineCasino that I see commenting asking questions participating in Forums,Q&A,Blogs. To me it seems unfair that we do almost all thw work to buildup OnlineCasino to not be rewarded with the Bonus’s.

    If it is not important than I should not be spending my time building up something that I will never be Rewarded for. If we all did just the minimum and only got 500 points just so we could get 1 of 5 prizes then why build OnlineCasino, lets just set back and wait for the money to come to us.

    Yes I am frustrated as to how it can be that slackers can Win the Weekly Draw for doing minimum or nothing. I cahsed out and I think I will do the minimum myself why put all the work in so others can reap my hard work.

    Sorry @admin but this not a good way to Reward those who have or continue to Build OnlineCasino for you. There is got to be a better way than of Rewarding the people that have Built and continue to build OnlineCasino.

    No everybody can not win…

    But Reward those who work to Build this Community not the ones that just barely even type in a sentence.

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    @ardodd you are correct the people who do not participate in OC are rewarded I think conditions to enter the draw for members must be revised.

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    I very much agree to this, thanks @Ardodd and @shirish5 because it is already a good input to the OC.

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    @admin as you can see here 3 of about ten people that participate and build OnlineCasino for you. But have we won any Reward? No

    We build they come collect money and leave. Why can’t there be a New revision to the Weekly Draw that makes it fair to us for participating and building OnlineCasino for you. I know you are understanding and compassionate owner. So it is time to make some rules for qualification to be entered into weekly draw.

    I would hope that you understand most of these people don’t even participate and could care less about what we say, after all they meet the 500 points minimum and it does not matter to them. Points alone should not be the only qualification. We should also consider the activity of each entrant. If they can be active then why reward someone for it. We as active members of this community feel we are not being rewarded for our part in building OnlineCasino.

    The weekly draw is a special bonus that should go to the most Active members. Not the sidelines.

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    you both have raised the valid point. those who are inactive in oc are getting the weekly draw prizes, and those who are participating and building Oc are getting nothing.

    So the rule for the participation of weekly should be revised and new rules provides the maximum favor to the active members.

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    One way is to increase the present limit from 500 points to  say 2000 points so that only the active participants will be counted for draws. That will encourage the users to active participation also.

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    @Ardodd you’re 100% right. I am completely agreed with you. I always amazed to see those member’s name whose got prizes, because I never see them in any activity at OC. Thanks to spread this voice. We all are with you for this.

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    @ardodd, I am newbie here on this site. But I have felt that almost all the members are unsatisfied for the results of weekly draws. I humbly request to OC staff or admin, please make some exceptions for the active members.

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    Yes all members are saying  right for weekly draw. I am new on this website but I am also feeling this so admin should take step on this issue.

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