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    “Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Forum Topics and Q&A questions”

    This Guide is for helping all members of OnlineCasino to be able to learn from the Blog and be able to share from that learning. One of first things as members of OnlineCasino need to learn what to do is be able to bring quality content to our post and comments. OC is a information and review website that covers many area’s of the Online Casino industry daily.

    When we use or read the Review of other Casino’s that OnlineCasino recommends we then learn more about that Casino and can share about it. I enjoy read the reviews that @admin has worked very hard to write and help us understand and learn from. And when we take the time to read those and comment about it, then come back and create forum topics and q&a for them we are making the learning more fun. This Guide is about helping you learn and be able to improve the quality of your post and comments on a daily basis.

    • Read one Blog Article Daily – Go the Blog section¬†¬†and read a article about Casino’s.
    • Take some Notes about the Article – Write down some questions you have about that article and things you like about the article.
    • Comment on the Blog – Take time to Earn Points from leaving a comment and building up the content on that article.
    • Create a Forum Topic about that Article – When creating Topics in the Forum about these articles make sure to include the Casino in the Topic Name. Once you pick out a Topic Name make sure to write about the things you remember from notes on that article.
    • Create Q&A questions – When you were reading the article in the blog section i hope you were taking notes and thinking about questions you wanted answered.

    By using this Guide you should be able to make quality post and comments daily. And once you get use to doing this it becomes easier. Think of this as if it were homework and you had to do it daily to get credit, but in this case you get paid to read the reviews and comment and post about that review.

    How much you Earn from it is up to you as there is no restrictions on how many times you can leave a comment on Blog, Games, Online Casino’s, Land Based Casino’s. So it is up to you to improve the quality of our content. Don’t worry if your not into Casino’s then try doing reviews and using the steps above to discuss Games you like.

    In all things have fun and be excited about what you do…

    If you want to be rewarded more daily then help out by improving the what we do and how we help each other Daily.

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    Excellent information by Ardodd for the new and old members.

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    Thank you @admin..

    I have been setting here thinking about ways to improve what we do as members and how we do it daily to earn points. of course I always come back to I am not always about points but more about helping others learn and grow into writers and teaching them how to do it daily.

    I know we have many that like to tell others how to earn points daily and what they do to earn points. And there is nothing wrong with it because that is how they learned to earn points. And by doing things in the Q&A section and making Forum Topics related to OC is not all this site about.

    In order to spark the interest of others and get everyone moving in the right direction towards building content about other Casino’s and using the Casino offers. In my quest to help everyone I am wondering if it is possible to make a daily package deal for Earning that would show us the way towards this type of Content.


    Right now if you leave a comment on the Blog or Game we get 25 points = $0.25 ea. Unlimited

    Right now if we create a Forum Topic we get 10 Points = $0.10 ea. Limited

    Right now if we ask a question for Q&A we get 10 Points = $0.10 ea. Limited

    So by example for the above Step-by-Step Guide doing it Daily one could say we would earn:

    $0.25 + $0.10 + $0.10 ( x 5 = $0.50 )= $$0.85 each day

    I am wondering if there is a way to increase the amount we earn if we were to do this as a package deal where there would be a requirement section. That once they complete a part of that deal it would show a complete by check mark. And if they complete the Daily Required Task then it would give them a increased Earnings.

    If the members of OC were able to complete this a Daily Task would you be willing to increase the Earnings to 125 Points Daily or $1.25 that is only if we as a member were to complete it one day each day.

    Now in order to help members play at the Casino and use the Free sign-up Bonus which helps you Earn Income I am not sure about how to do that. But am open to suggestions on ways to get members to be involved in it. I am thinking that the Casino has a back office for you to verify that the member has registered and used the Free sign-up bonus or even deposited on that Casino site. So I am thinking it is up to you to decide whether you want to reward or credit members for fulfilling the registration and playing.

    I know most don’t know how or understand how you get paid for us playing and using the free bonus money to play on. And in most case’s no one knows that the playing time they create from those free bonus offers gives you a income to put into your website.

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    @ardodd thank members shared information and experiences to create a topic and ask questions in the forum that I can tell you a lot of information on how to create content from you

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    @tina you are very welcome. I have said it before and will say it again I am not here to Earn Points although they are nice rewards for helping others.

    But I am here because I like to help others learn and grow as knowledgeable and responsible Gamblers..

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    And that’s the thing which made you most honorable for us. I really appreciate all of your great efforts which make for us and for OC. I would like to say thanks for this most valuable topic to guide us how to create valuable content, forums, questions, and comments.

    Surely I will follow your guide step by step to make valuable content for OC and as well as for helping members just like you.

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