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    “Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Forums Related to Blog Articles”

    This Step-by-Step Guide will walk you through a Daily Routine for Earning money on OC. A Step-by-Step Guide is for helping you to learn and participate in ways you have never done before. It is a guide of Daily Activities that will help you understand what OnlineCasino is about and how to help build it. This guide will have you up and running in no time with useful tips to get the things needed to build a Complete Forum Topic.

    It is my intention to help you learn what to do Daily and where to find the things needed to do it with. It is also my goal to help you learn how to write it out and follow along with me as I demonstrate it in a easy guide. So lets get going and learn some ways to Earn money on OC.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Forums Related to Blog Articles:

    Step 1) Where to start everyday

    • Your first Step is to go to the Blog first everyday. Just click on Blog and it will open a new window.
    • On the Blog we will be looking for 10 Blog Articles. Don’t worry if you have already responded to some just keep moving on down til you have found a total of 10 for the day.
    • Why do we need to do 10 each day?   Simple on the Earn money on OC page we are allowed to create 10 New Forum Topics Daily.
    • Read each Blog Article and make a comment on it. Remember to leave a good comment for 25 Points.
    • Before you move on to the next Blog Article, write down the title, what it is about, questions you might have about it and how does it help you. I will show you later why you will need this information.
    • Do this for all 10 everyday as long as you want to make Points.

    Step 2) What to do with the information you wrote down.

    How to use the information from each Blog Article to Create Forum Topics Related to it.

    • Take your first Blog Article for that day with the notes you made and create a Title related to that Article. Example: Blog was about Paddy Power and Betfair Merger… So you want to create a title that tells about it.

    Example Titles: 

    1. Paddy Power buys out Betfair for xxx Millions of Dollars.
    2. Betfair sells out for xxx Millions of Dollars to Paddy Power.
    3. Paddy Power is expected to increase its revenue with the purchase of Betfair.
    4. How will Paddy Power and Betfair affect us as Players?
    5. What expect from Paddy Power after purchasing BetFair.

    ***You do not have to create Forum Topics word for word as I did***

    • After you have decided on a Title create the Forum Topic. Then place the Title in the first line of the Post you are making. Why? Because it is the subject of the Forum and Title. look at the Title of this page and then look at my first line, and make sure to Bold and Italicize the title.
    • Next before you even write a thing make sure you have decided on what the keywords are. As it is very important to make the keywords the same as the ones in your title. Why? Because Search Engines find the keyword and the words related to it. And a Search Engine Bot can not read, so all the do is find the keyword and how it used, where it is used, and if it relevant to the article. ***So don’t forget to set your keywords from your Forum Title*** 

    Example Title and Keyword matching:

    1. Paddy Power buys out Betfair for xxx Millions of Dollars. Keywords (paddy power,paddy power buys,paddy power buys betfair,betfair,betfair bought for xxx millions of dollars).
    2.  Betfair sells out for xxx Millions of Dollars to Paddy Power. Keywords (betfair,betfair sells out,millions of dollars for betfair,betfair sells out for xxx millions of dollars to paddy power,paddy power buys betfair for xxx millions of dollars) 
    3. See how I am using the exact words in the title to make my keywords. What are keywords and where to put them? Keywords are the words you put down in that little box below the Post called ( Topic Tags )

    Step 3) How to use the Information you wrote down to create a Forum Topic

    Use the information I asked you to write down about the article you liked.

    • You should of wrote down maybe 3 to 4 things you liked about the Blog Article.
    • What to do with those 3 or 4 things you wrote down: 1. Organize them as they appeared 2. Write about them like you were telling me about it. 3. Keep them short but enough information about article to share.
    • You should have about 3 to 4 sentences telling about each one of the things you found. Which will give you about 3 to 4 paragraphs of information.

    Step 4) Finish them one at a time and double check for errors

    • Double check your Title.
    • Double check your Keywords so they match the Title.
    • Double check to make sure you have at least 3 to 4 sentences describing the article.
    • Double check all spelling.
    • Double check to make sure you have at least 3 to 4 paragraphs.

    Step 5) Final Step is to Complete all 10 Forum Topics from the Blog Articles.  

    • Do Step 1 on all 10 Forum Topic.
    • Do Step 2 on all 10 Forum Topics.
    • Do Step 3 on all 10 Forum Topics.
    • Do Step 4 on all 10 Forum topics.

    What you have accomplished:

    • Commented on 10 Blog Articles. 25 Points x 10 Blogs = 250 Points or $2.50
    • Created 10 New Forum Topics Related to Blog. 10 Points x 10 Forums = 100 Points or $1.00

    Last Step is to remember the questions I asked you write down about the Blog Article.  

    Step 6) Create 10 Q&A questions related to each Blog Article

    • Create a Q&A for each Blog Article.
    • Be very specific in your question.
    • Give good detail of what you want to know.

    Example of Q&A questions:

    1. If Paddy Power bought out Betfair what kind of new games will they have?
    2. If Paddy Power buys Betfair will their gaming be available to US Players?
    3. If Betfair sold their company to Paddy Power do they still any say so?

    Now that you have completed Step 6 you will find that you have made another $1.00

    10 Q&A x 10 Points = 100 Points or $1.00

    So your total is now:

    250 Points for Blog Comments

    100 Points for Forum Topics

    100 Points for Q&A

    For a Grand Total of 450 Points or $4.50

    If you want to be more active on OnlineCasino I would recommend you answer 25 more questions from the Q&A database located here.  As you get 5 Points for each one you answer. Which would give you 75 more Points for the day.

    So all in all you could make up to 525 Points or $5.25 Daily by following this Step-by-Step Guide.

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    Wonderful ! Really a very nice and useful guide…

    Thanks you so much @ardodd to guide us in this way. I will surely follow your this guide to make forum topics on daily basis.

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    Thank you @hafiz786 as it only took me about 3 hours to draw up the rough draft and then get it all up as Forum Topic.

    I do have a Warning though from Google+ as to that I shared this Forum Article on Google+ and on some of my other blogs and website. Turns out my other stuff when it is Posted to them they Share it on Google+ as me. So it turns out that this Forum Article was re-shared at least 10 times to Google+.

    Now Google+ has sent me a Warning and will Ban me for Life if I post one more thing that is duplicated. And I have been asking how they could do something like this as in 20 years of being online I have never received not 1 Warning. And now I am possibly being Banned.


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    I really love your posts @ardodd they give a lot of useful info to me.

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    You are more than Welcome @shirish5 I like sharing with others what I know and it helps others learn.

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    Nice guide ! This is one of the best and most informative and useful forum topic created by @ardodd. Thank you very much for this to post.

    I will take care next time while making any new stuff on this site.

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    Amazing post by @ardodd thanks for share your knowledge such a nice work contain very  helpful information.

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    Thank you @shrish5, @hafiz786, @Smith, @Mango….

    It has been sometime since I have been able to use my right arm to type with. I apologize for my absence and my just giving up on life itself..

    I am seeing doctor after doctor and therapy to help fix the problem. And seeing a psychiatrist for my depression related to not being able to function correctly now.

    With my wife’s support and that of @admin I realized that I was only feeling pitty for myself.

    @admin I want to thank you for checking on me during my time of deep depression and hoping with all everyone’s prayers i return..

    Thanks everyone for your concern’s and hopefully I can get to where I can participate regularly again..


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    Really nice guide ! Thank you so much for this very very useful step by step guide. I really learnt lot of things from this guide. Keep it up !

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    and thank you for sharing your complete guide it was great

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    OC members I want you know that all i ask is for anyone to try and follow the Steps above to make and create useful and helpful Topics that will build a reputation around yourself.

    @admin i do appreciate that you have kept most of the articles and tips that i have shared around for others to see.

    @admin may I ask a favor of you? Could you or would you please move all the Forum Topics and reviews to a single category that would keep all of these in one spot so everyone could find them easily.

    By creating a Specific Topic for Tips that allows members to find your Suggestions and the Forum Topics I have included to help them.

    One suggestion i can tell anyone that spends time on OC or any where that you post or write articles for interest of others takes time. There is no overnight Success Story as it takes experience and knowledge to get there. Along with knowledge it takes time reading and learning about the subject and piecing things together to make it right. And to be able to encourage readers to act.

    So if you read this article once then take time and go back and read it again. Then go back and read it again til you can understand it and becomes second nature to the learning process.

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