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    Are we still able to use paypal or skrill account of our friends to receive payments from OC? After the implementation of new rules at OC. What you think about it? Admin please – contribute !

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    In new Rules nothing is mention relevant to your Question.

    So admin can only be the person who can give the exact reply. So wait for reply from admin or directly send an email to the admin.

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    @post2search is correct. Only @admin can give the right answer for you @hafiz.

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    I think, there should not be any problem for using friend’s paypal or skrill account to get payments from OC. But, make sure that that paypal or skrill account is not already in used on this site. You can use that account only if you are the only one and first person who is going to use that account.

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    @amirshad is correct for what he said to you. You can still use your friend’s skrill account for your OC’s payment.

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    you only use paypal or Skrill account is verified in your original documents were registered with another account oc oc has not been verified, you can not use

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