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    Still showing the old points ! Why ? All the pages are showing the old points till now, however I have made cashout. New pages are showing correct points but old are not. Why OC is not removing this one kind of bug? I think, every time, when we open a page whether we have visit that page some seconds or minutes ago, that page should load the points from the updated database of our new points. I mean:

    Let suppose:

    1. I open my profile page, and the points are 5000.

    2. I make some activity of 10 points.

    3. Now my points are 5010.

    4. I open again my profile page, and the points are still 5000 on this page. So, request to admin to develop this page and make such queries on this page that show the 5010 points now.

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    After cashout the deducted points are shown after sometime but you can see the correct points in profile page.

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    That is happening because we are using a cache plugin so we can avoid slow website experience.

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    @admin is right ! In this way OC’s pages load more fastly then usual. @smith ? Did you not notice this speed for the pages?

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    Nice suggestion. Now we can see updated points immediately.

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    by admin explained I understand why such a phenomenon occurs thanks @dmin lot

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