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    I have made my first Cashout today, successfully. I am very very happy for it. And hopeful to receive this payment very soon.

    Steps for making CASHOUT:

    (1). I opened ‘Earn money with OC’ page.

    (2). I write CASHOUT (exactly in Uppercase letters) in the ‘Recipient’ field/box.

    (3). I entered 5000.00 in this amount field/box.

    (4). Hit ‘Cashout’ button.

    After it, page reload and a popup (notification) come on the screen for the 5000.00 points deduction and pending payments. And the following fields / parameters added to this page.

    (see the image)

    Now I want to ask that, May I need to save the transaction code (as highlighted in image) for me, for any further utility???

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    Congrats !!! for hitting the Cashout Button. Hopefully you’ll get payment soon.

    I never save my transaction code. So its up to you save it or not



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    Thank you @post2search for your complement and also for sharing your experience.

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    Congrats for your cashout I am also waiting for mine.

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    congratulations for the effort and success of you would you make more efforts to earn more points in the oc

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