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    Is there is any issues for us, for the members from pakistan, for going suddenly inactive without going signout ? As in our county there is lots of load-shedding for lights. So, oftenly, light goes to off while working at OC. And after one, or two hours, when light come back to on, I re-login to my OC account, to continue my previous work. So, I want to ask from admin and also from my co-members, is there any chance to face any problem from the Admin regarding this situations…?

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    What problem you would face when light goes off from admin? You can start work when electricity is back again.

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    well i think there is no issue getting inactive without signing out.!!

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    I think there is not any issue for it. You can start your work again without any problem.

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    No dear there is no any issue for this kind of situations. Don’t worry about it.

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    No problem at all. You can carry on your work after light come to back again.

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    This happens no matter what to members members can still operate normally as always

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