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    Dear Members,

    We appreciate any suggestions or improvements you may have for our website.

    Please feel free to express your self and share your ideas with us and our members.


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    Dear admin, in ‘Promote OC’ option, there are no individual referral links appeared automatically in HTML code. Shall we promote only OC site in our blog / website by copy, paste HTML code? or Can you do improvements to appear individual referral links there? Thank you,

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    Dear Admin to “Promote OC” how much point we can reach?

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    admin okay, if I possessed my idea will express in this forum, but there is currently no.

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    Thanks admin. I will share ideas on my question

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    For weekly draw there is condition of min 300 points in addition to this why not make it compulsory last 7 days activity(min 50 site visit points/day) to be included in weekly draw.

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    I would like to make a suggestion.

    We need a “How to Section” where we can post comments and articles to help others learn How to play or participate in anything related to poker and gambling and casino’s.

    It would build a great section with lots of knowledge. And make it easy for members to share their knowledge of games.

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    @Admin ? I just want to request you that, please open new registration to my country. Many of my friends are jobless, and they are treated very strictly at their home by their parents. So, they want to earn money, for which they want to join OC. So, please do something for them. I will be highly thankful for this kind act. Plz….

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    If i may suggest, please consider to re-activate clicks point. One way or another “simple earn” will attract more people. But, to avoid high “bounce rate”, you need to give 60 – 240 sec interval on it, so they’ll get point. Or, you can make a separate new feature, something like advertising click feature. So you sponsor also get the advantage.

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    Introduce new earning ways for us. Please @admin. And also re-enable referral earning again for us. Please !

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    @admin I also agreed with the suggestion given by @shirish5 for the Weekly Draw.

    Moreover, Some new ways of earning method should be introduces, In term of lottery games, and Also provide the spins game with few daily Free spins for the active members who are participating anywhere in OC

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    Admin improve your service in the Question & Answer session

    please make fast the process of approval

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    @zeeshanjutt777 I know at times most of have wondered about Q&A question not being Approved. Or our questions taking so long to Approve.

    In most case’s if it takes longer than 24 hours or on Sunday’s then I would say that the question in question will not be approved.

    Most Q&A questions are Approved in 24 hours. Now if it long than 24 hours I would say that it was not Approved.

    Also if you have Q&A question that is Approved after the one you are missing then most likely your Q&A was not Approved.

    @admin could explain it better

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    Dear @admin ! I hope you are continuously tracking this topic. And if really you’re… then I want to make some suggestions. Many times many OC members have made such suggestion to you. I am just going to repeat those suggestions….

    1. Please make payment processing system as much fast as it was in early days. Many members especially newbies are giving very little time and efforts to OC only due to old member’s requests which are all about payments and their delays.

    When they will see that members are getting their payments fastly, then obviously they will get more confidence and they will be more sticky to OC than earlier. B/c somehow every member is here for money. And it’s 100% true…

    2. Please also improve the approval processing system for our new questions and comments on blogs. Their delays are also discouraging members to work for those sections. That’s why we all are showing more work for forum topics b/c there is no any delay.

    3. Please remove all rules of -ve marking on the rejection of our stuffs. If you’re not satisfied by the submitted Question or Comment then just reject it without any -ve marking.

    I hope you will surely think about these requests. Thank you !

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    I think so to the referrer for members to be able to add more members to the oc

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    If you are able to gain a following of subscribers ( members of oc ) that enjoy your post and comments there is not much need for getting referrals.

    As you see from all the above comments and post that most of us follow each other very closely and help each other out with creating interesting and useful Forum Post and Q&A for us to participate in Daily.

    And it helps us to be active..

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    @admin you opened this Topic in hopes of finding new ways to help members get involved in and on OnlineCasino.

    And I along with many other regular user’s have made many suggestions to improve the participation level. And one of things I feel that would boost the participation level instantly is lowering the cashout level.

    By lowering the cashout level from 5000 Points ( $50.00 USD ) to a lower cashout level of 2500 Points

    ( $25.00 USD ) so that the level of participation will go from small participation to Daily Participation.

    I say this in a constructive way that meets the needs of OnlinCasino and the needs of the members. you know and I know along with many other members the reason they come here to participate is to Earn Money and has nothing to do with them participating in the Casino’s or even using the Sign-up Bonus’s that come with the Casino’s.

    I feel if you were lower the cashout value or level it will encourage them to participate even more because they can receive the cash value of the points quicker. No need to try and figure out what things to add or change to improve the participation. Just meet the members in the middle.

    They will reach 5000 Points in the same amount of time but only have to wait til they get 2500 Points to cashout with.

    Now I would also recommend that there be some requirements for them to be eligible for this offer too. As we know that many will blaster the website with non-usefill information or just plain out simple little comments that mean nothing and are done only for points. So if there is some way to make or keep everyone in check before they can cashout there should be a Daily requirement to be meet everyday regardless of status.

    So you imposed or created a New Daily Task that where you created the Forum Topic related to a Blog Article, Game, Online Casino, Land Based Casino, and the members would have to Read it and proved answers for the content questions you make available at the bottom of any one of those you create.

    For Example:

    @admin ( you ) open a New Topic for Black Diamond Casino and after you told some stuff about it and in order to Qualify for the New Daily Task Bonus to be eligible for 2500 point cashout. You added at the end of the Forum Topic a list of possible things or questions you need each participant to find and comment on to build up the content and create interest.

    It would look like this;

    • Read your Forum Topic
    • Read the Blog, Game, Online Casino Review, Land Based Casino Review
    • Answer your question in their comment section

    In my investigation of Plug-in’s that would work i have found one that is of most interest to me and for OnlineCasino.

    @admin when you get time to investigate a Daily Task Points Based Program take tie to look at this Plug-in as it seems to fit every need we have to build content and participation for quicker cashout’s. And most of all it helps you set the order in which you want to OC site to go in and show the way.

    Daily Task Organizer   

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    i think that the best suggestion is to allow as earning by reffering new people here dear admin. if you have a lot of traffic you can then delete the (earning per post) because once the traffic is high enough all post will be natural. i personnaly answer only when i need to react on a subject but they are many members that coment only to earn points. wich is not really safe for a website. all the content in forums or blog must be natural and without earning motivation .


    sorry for my english im french



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    @ardodd ! I think you’re correct for your suggestion of making payments limits to $25 instead of $50. I think in this way members will be more active then earlier. @admin must give it a try… If getting same outcome then again change it to $50. But @admin should think about your idea to implement. I am sure they will get good enough outcome of it.

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