Texas Hold'em for Beginners

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    Texas Hold’em for Beginners

    Texas Hold’em is a game that anyone can learn in 5 minutes to play. But it takes a Lifetime to Learn what to play and when to play. As so many times people (Beginners) ask well what should we play and how should we play it.

    Strategies for Texas Hold’em

    • First tip is to play your Top two Pairs from any Position. (AA and KK) meaning your own cards.
    • Second tip is to play QQ, JJ, 10-10 in a favorable Position that allows you to play or bet last.
    • Third tip is to play AKs and AKo as a raising hand in Position.
    • Fourth tip is to play less than 10% of your hands.

    As an example I am including three screenshots of Hold’em Poker Table Positions and Hold’em Cards to Play. As this will give you some basic knowledge of Poker to go by.

    Remember when starting out playing Texas Hold’em Poker stick to the Top Pairs and play only in the Positions that it calls for.

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    Thanks @ardodd for this very very useful topic and guide. I am very very excited to learn all about this game. I just love poker. And I want learn this game as soon as possible. Thanks you very much to share such kinds of guides here on this one of the great platform.

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    indeed is exactly what you said on the surface it extremely simple to play and new that is very difficult indeed

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    Really nice tutorial ! Thank you so much for your great efforts. I really learnt lot of new things of this game today. This was my first turn that I was reading / learning about this game today. Keep sharing more about this game; I will wait for your next tutorial.

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