The present measures are the most balanced admin need new methods for improving Forums Blog Post Publishing by Members The present measures are the most balanced admin need new methods for improving

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    I think that the admin should consider more ways to earn points and raise new oc oc up the score a little more than before, and the time of payment to members should also shortened to the participants on many oc more active and back in oc with the current situation, the oc are falling drastically on the number of members of the admin needs a new solution to the members involved in and excited oc chalk start working more in the oc

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    @hahuutrung thanks for bringing up many ideas for new ways to improve OC.

    The one thing that does and will remain the same is the way we go about making those points. For example you spend more time asking Q&A questions for points, along with replying to forum topics of others.

    One of the reason’s the turnout is slow is because most are missing the point of the Q&A and Forum. Those area’s are available to help members find and understand the way we earn and details about it.

    What is lacking right now is now more ways to Earn Points but the understanding of what is already in place. We can spend time wishing for more ways or suggesting new ways to Earn. But if we would follow the Guidelines for Earning we will find the way to Earning more.

    OnlineCasino is a Review website that looks at the Casino and the way it run, played, paid out..etc.. And from that it feeds the Q&A and Forums with Topics. That is how we are suppose to be using OnlineCasino to Earn more.

    Here is a Map of how we need to work to build OC:

    1) Read the Blog Daily ( No Points )

    2) Leave a Reply about the article ( 25 Points ) 🙂

    3) Find stuff in the article to write about or questions you have about that Casino. ( No Points )

    4) Take your questions from the Blog Article and ask questions about it in the Q&A. ( 10 Points )

    5) Take you opinion and facts about the Casino and make a Forum Topic and post it. ( 10 Points )

    I am not a rocket scientist myself, but have built a few websites and own several forums myself. And the Main point is to have fresh questions and views on the subject daily so the search engines have something to do. If it the same old questions the search engine bots do not index it. And when that happens there is no new members or new activity to do daily and thus it stays the same way.

    Like @admin has mentioned before and asked everyone to do is go to the Blog Read up on the Casino’s and learn about them then come back here and ask questions and make Forum Topics related to them. And I promise if you do that and spend time reading the Blog Articles and writing about them you will start seeing more points and better activity on OnlineCasino.


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    Thanks @hahuutrung and @ardodd for giving tips to improve OC. @ardodd has given nice explanation on how to work with OC and earn points.

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