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    There is Nothing to Do on OC

    No one is submitting new forum topics and new Questions and also members are not commenting on the topic and Questions.

    No Activity at all.


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    Yes, you are correct Mr. @post2search. But, I promise, from this day I will try my best to login to this site on daily basis and make sure my contributions as well. Don’t be disappointed, keep it up… from your side. I hope, other members will come back very soon.

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    So yes, this time it has a membership activities in oc so few new topics and questions posted I feel very sad, but do not know how to be able lieen with former members advised they return to participate in the oc again

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    I was engaged in oc so I do not know much of the past activities of the forum how it is difficult to comment on this

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    If everyone gives some time to OC then there will be lot of activity and earning opportunity for all members.

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    I will also agree to @shirish5. There is lots of work to do; if someone really want to do.

    Read blogs and try to give useful comments, make new forum topics which will be useful and informative for others and also make replies on other’s topics.

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