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    Those who are making 500 points in a day

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    If you were ask this question 5 days ago, then I was that member who was earning more than 500 points per day. But now a day, I am going slowly slowly.

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    Nowadays point earning has slowed down so I think none of the members should be earning 500 points in a single day.

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    @shirish5, sorry to say, but you’re wrong to say none of the member can earn more than 500 points. You’re right just for the old members. Because old members have posted almost on all the sections,and there are no more questions, topics, or blogs for them to make comments. But for the new comer there are almost all these sections are available to earn more and more points per day. So, they can easily earn m0re than 500 points in a single day by doing just given below tasks:

    1. 50 for login or visit the site

    2. 125 for 25 answers

    3. 250 for replies for forum

    4. 100 for new questins

    5. 100 for new forum.

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    It’s not easy by now to make 500 point, because we’re less interactive than we used before, not to mention the point reduction takes part..

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    @hafiz786 is 100% correct. Newbies can earn more than 500 points in a single day easily. Even I am also earning more than 500 points.

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    No I am not one of these members I can only earn 400 points everyday.

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    để có được 500 điểm một ngày không phải là khó khăn, nhưng bạn sẽ mất rất nhiều thời gian và phải cẩn thận để kiếm được điểm mỗi ngày

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    I do not know which members can earn 500 points in one day at the oc and I do not understand many ways to earn more points in forum

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