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    I am still waiting for my payment to arrive. On 16 july I made this payout. But I am waiting till yet. Day by day the remaining days for my payment are increasing at ‘Earn money at OC’ page. I am wondering about this. Admin should think about it. I have contact to admin, but they are not giving any response. So, kindly I request to admin ! think about it….Please !

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    hopefully very soon you’ll get your payment

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    I am sure that you have received your this payment. Because I know OC always pay. There might be little bit delay sometimes due to some reasons, but it’s not means that OC will not pay you.

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    Don’t worry maybe admin is busy, he will process your cashout very soon.

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    I received my payment is the fastest 6 days I do not understand for whatever reason you have not received your payment sooner or later you do not worry you’ll get it you not to worry

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    I do not understand why oc back pay payments to members of the tram is much lag time that oc is set within 7 working days

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