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    Welcome to Texas Hold’em Poker – Tips & Tricks

    Thank you @admin for creating this Forum about Poker – Tips & Tricks.

    Texas Hold’em Poker is Card Game that takes about 5 minutes to learn and a Lifetime to Master.

    This Forum is Devoted to helping new poker players and experienced players to continue to learn poker and Master some the knowledge to become a winning poker player.

    Please keep all questions or comments related to Poker Knowledge.

    Playing Texas Hold’em Poker only takes about 5 minutes to learn how to play. But it takes a lifetime to Master as many players learn new strategies to play by. And it takes sometime to learn these tips so we will be discussing ways to improve your game.

    I like to use the Video’s that Pokerology.com has provided as they are open source and allow users to post the link to them on any website.

    There are many places that help you learn how to play with tips and strategies so we will be discussing some of them along the way.

    Thanks for being a part of Poker – Tips & Tricks…

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    Hi @ardodd? I am very excited my dear. So, please share all the tips and tricks for this game. Please ! And please share any link for online casino, where we can play this game for practice to learn… if you have any such online casino, then please share !

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    @hafiz786 I am just now getting settled back down into the house with my wife after getting out of hospital. I will work on some material and add it as soon as I can get caught up.

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    Feeling sad ! I hope and pray for your wife health. I have read your newly created forum topics about this game. Thank you so much for them. I am waiting for the next topics.

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    thank you for sharing your valuable thanks

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    Thank you @ardodd !

    I am also very excited to learn about this game. I will wait for your next tutorial of this game. Hopefully you and your family will get well soon. I will pray for you and for your family.

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