Welcome to the General Discussion on Texas Hold'em Poker

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    Welcome to the General Discussion on Texas Hold’em Poker

    Thank you @admin for starting this Forum and Discussion for Texas Hold’em.

    I want to introduce myself as most of the members here know me as “@ardodd” but outside of that my name is Albert Dodd. I have been playing Online Poker since 2005 and have come away with some very impressive wins in my time.

    This Forum is about General Discussion related to Texas Hold’em Poker. And what I would like to do is leave it open to you the members about the types of discussion in here. I will ask that all Topics and future Topics be related to Texas Hold’em Poker or the different forms of Poker Online.

    When it comes to Online Poker the way you play is completely different from Online Casino’s Games. As the Program is downloaded to your computer or device and is required to access the server from it. You do not have to open a browser to play, as the software ( Poker Client ) is install directly to your computer and/or device. This makes it easier as your personnel information is not sent out over the internet browser.

    We will be discussing different poker clients where you can play at and where to find them. But for now if you have any kind of questions or input for Poker then go ahead and ask or post them.

    Thanks @admin for providing this New Forum…..

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    Sorry dear @ardodd? At this time, I cannot post for this game to help others. I am totally unfamiliar with this game. But, after reading some of your topics regarding this game, I am learning about this game. Thank you so much for all these topics. Keep it up and help us to learn this game. Thank you again !

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    You are very welcome @hafiz786 as I am home now and will soon have time to get back to developing the Poker Forum’s and Discussions.

    I am looking forward to it……

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    Thanks @ardodd for all the discussion on this game. And also thanks to @admin for providing this section. I will wait for your next forum topics regarding this game. Thank you !

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    Thank you for sharing about poker tell me more about what it

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    @ardodd ! Thank you very much to start discussion on this one of the most popular gambling game. I never tried to learn this game before. But now I also want to learn this game. So please post as much guide for this game which could be enough for us to play this game with professionals.

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