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    Welcome to the New Discussion Forum for Online Poker

    I want to thank @admin for including Online Poker in the OC Forums. It is a Honor to provide advice and knowledge for newbie’s and guidance for even experienced Poker Players.

    Texas Hold’em 

    • Definition of Texas Hold’em Poker

    Definition of Texas Hold’em Poker

    Texas Hold’em Poker is a card game in which each player is dealt two cards ( Hole Cards ). Before the Dealer anyone any cards the dealer will place a Chip in front of one players seat. This signifies that this is the Dealer Button and makes the two players to the left of that chip the Big Blind and Little Blind. The Little Blind puts in half the amount of the Blind, And the Big Blind puts in the Full amount. So for example the game just started and the starting blinds where 10/20 which means that the Big Blind would put up 20 chips and the little blind would put up 10 chips.

    When the Dealer finishes dealing two cards all players the person setting to the left of the Big Blind has to decide whether they want to play those two cards or not. If they decide they want to play in the game of Texas No Limit Hold’em they can just call by putting 20 chips in the pot. Then it moves on to the next person in a clockwise motion until it gets back to the Big Blind.

    ***In Texas No Limit Hold’em any player can raise the bet or go all-in at any point during any hand.** 

    Once each person has had a chance to accept the bet or fold then the Dealer deals out three cards in the middle of the table. This is called the Flop and each player can use those cards to make the best 5 card hand. After the dealer has dealt the cards then another round of betting begins. And this round starts with the Small Blind if they are still in the hand, if not then it moves to the Big Blind. If the Big Blind is not in the hand still then it moves around until the first player in a left hand motion or clockwise is still in the hand. Once everyone has had a chance to bet, fold, check then the Dealer will deal one more card and place it on the table next to the first three cards.

    This called the Turn and it is played much like the previous two rounds. As each player that is still the hand is allowed to check,bet, fold. Once all action is completed for the Turn the dealer will then deal one last card into middle of the table which is called the River. On the River each player that is still in the hand is allowed to check, bet, or fold to a bet. Then once everyone has had the chance to check, bet, or fold each player turns their cards over to who wins. Note that that Winning player does not have to show if they bet and the other player folds. It is optional and not required to show.

    Watch the complete Video of “Introduction to Poker

    As I will try to add more everyday for others to Learn to play Texas Hold’em. So in my Forum Topic I will post about the next Important things about Poker.

    • History of Texas Hold’em Poker
    • Texas Hold’em Rules
    • Texas Hold’em for beginners

    I look forward to covering more details about Poker with everyone. And will try to go slow enough for everyone learn. So until next time, enjoy this Topic.

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    Wonderful ! @ardodd ! Really a very very nice and useful topic. I learned lot about this game from this topic. And thanks to share the link for video.

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    Thank you @hafiz786 as it was fun really looking up about Texas Hold’em and lerning more about it myself.

    I know Doyle Brunson and he is a really good guy. And he takes his poker very seriously. And to know that he was one of the three that brought Texas Hold’em Poker to Las Vegas was amazing.

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    Nice sharing ! This topic is really helpful and useful for all of us who want to learn about this game. @ardodd ? Can you please tell me why did you attach plagiarism report with your topic?

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