What are Cheat Sheets for Casinos?

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    What are Cheat Sheets for Casinos?

    Cheat Sheets for Casinos are playing cards that tell a player when, where, what, and how to play Online and Live Casino Games.

    Why would anyone want a Cheat Sheet?

    If you know the game completely from inside to outside, up and down, forward and backward, you might not be interested Cheat Sheets. As Cheats only tell you information about the Casino Game itself.

    • A Cheat Sheet can not play for you.
    • A Cheat Sheet can not bet for you.
    • A Cheat Sheet can not hack any system.

    All a Cheat Sheet does is insightful information about the different games that Casinos Offer. Nothing more and Nothing less.

    Where can you find Cheats Sheets for Casinos? 

    Live Casinos

    • In the Gift Shop.
    • Sold to Guest by the Waitresses.
    • At the Bar.
    • In select Food Pavilions.

    I would like to ask @admin if they would include a Cheat Sheet Forum so others can Post of place to find them. If is a conflict then I would like to ask that you would consider making a sub-domain for cheat sheets. Such as onlinecasino.us.cheatsheets.com

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    Very nice and useful info you shared for Cheat Sheets. And also thanks to share the online links for several online casino’s cheat sheets.

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    You are very welcome @hafiz786 as I would hope that @admin could find some for the Casinos that are on OC.

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    Thank you so much @ardodd to tell us about the Cheat Sheets. Also thanks to share online links to find out some cheat sheets. And I am also with you to ask @admin to add a section for Cheat Sheets in Forum section.

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    @ardodd thanks for share this post good work having a lot of helpful information for the users.

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    I do not believe in this very much but anyway thank you for telling me

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    You are correct for saying / sharing all about cheat sheets in your topic. I strongly agree with you. A cheat sheet can do nothing except giving the information about concerning game.

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