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    Members? Where are you? Why you’re not seemed to as active member now? Is there something wrong with you? Please come live like earlier?

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    Some member are not active, they are still struggling to recover their account and password due to hacker attack. And also the admin is try their best to resolve it.

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    some of the members are active and they are trying their best to contribute to OC but all should participate like they did earlier.

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    @shirish: I hope so, because now is very different from 2 or 3 month ago, they’ve lost the passion and the eager

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    @shirish5 you are right there is a need that all or maximum members once again become active. the members who are active are still not making good points because of nonactive members. As no new forum topic and questions are submitting, so activity of active members is also limited

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    And the admin also, still improving the web defense. So for a mean time, they focus on it.

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    You all are correct. I also have noticed some members whose are in the list of top 5 are inactive. They all should be back here once again.

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    Feeling sad ! Now at this time, many of you are also inactive from the last few months. Why ? Come back to OC and contribute to make points and also to make OC more active. If there will be more user’s contribution then of course there will be more chances to earn points.

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