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    Anjith Reddy Mamidi
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    Please let everyone know about this

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    The most important thing in play in OC sportsmanship not break the rules admin in cheating.

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    Not really sure what the question is here. Could you share a little more about this.

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    I get points to answer these kinds of questions. I have no clue to what you are talking about. And the previous answer is just as clueless as the question is. So please provide some kind of meaning for cluelessness?

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    @ardodd you are correct the question and some answers are totally clueless members should think twice before posting in forum about what they are asking and answering.

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    Yes it’s true, what would you mean by this statement..?

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    The important thing for looking for games at OC is that, all the games provided by OC are 100% trusted, and they are from the legitimate online casinos.

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    @ardodd is 100% correct. I am also unable to give you an answer. May be @hafiz786 is right for his answer, if you’re really asking for that.

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    @Smith I think @hafiz786 give the correct answer. After reviewing the post and the answers the person that posted it was just seeking points. And that was my opinion.

    Now that I have come back and looked over the post, I seem it in a different light. As the question was then was to tell other members to not to forget about telling other about the OC games.

    So what he was saying is that we need to remember to tell others about the OC games and share the information. If I may make as suggestion on how to post a question or topic that might help improve your presence in forums and blogs.

    1) Make you title very specific. Meaning if you want others to know about the OnlineCasino games that is offered. Make the Title in a way that would ask the question or inform them about it.

    Example: How to Share OnlineCasino games with friends and family.

    2) Always but your Title at the beginning of your post itself.

    3) If you choose the title like How to Share OnlineCasino with family and friends. Please be more specific in your details. Don’t just write (OnlineCasino games are good look at them) small clueless statements. As you are trying to tell your readers what OnlineCasino games are available.

    4) When describing your post a good practice is to tell which Casino games or which Casino you like the best or are posting about. As your readers are looking for why they should be using OnlineCasino games. And what is in it for them.

    5) End your post with a question. Why end your post with a question? Because it ask the reader their opinion and invites them to participate.

    I hope this little bit of information helps you grow as a Author and writer. Because that is what we are when we respond and interact with others post. So if want to build your reputation up there build up you answers and post.

    Take time today to go look at some of games offered, then set down and write a post about just one game that you liked or have questions about. And make it like I said above, you will find that Blogs will be something of value.

    Go ahead and look at the OnlineCasino games and find that one game you like or have questions about and write a full detailed post on it….

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    You are great ! @ardodd ! Thank you so much to guide us to make an attractive and useful topics. I think, these steps are the best steps to make any topic to attract the reader or audience.

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    Thank you @Smith,

    As with no matter where i go or what I do, I try to go by those guidelines. If one will follow those guides and be more specific in their questions or post and even blogs they add value to it. Not only value to the question but the post just by giving extra details.

    Using these guidelines you wil find that your image and credability will increase as a author. So take time to day to pickout something you liked or something you have a question on. And then build some content around it with questions and answers that will make people want to participate.

    When you write a article is no different than writing questions or answers. Break it down and pick your subject then decide whether you are asking a question or giving facts to support the article. It very important to be specific as to the questions or facts, as your readers are wanting answers to their questions. And your article should be the source they are looking for.

    Take for example, you are telling about a specific slot machine. Tell your reader about the slot machine in detail. Then once you have let them know what the slot machine is, you can go into detail about how the machine pays. You can do this by telling some of the different ways this machine pays for certain objects on a payline. then once you tell about that you can tell about the payouts and how often. Then before you close out your article make sure to ask them to try it and then come back and give their opinion of the game. As most will tell you they willl look into it, give them reason to go play it, tell them if it is free, if they could get free money to play on, if they win how much they have win to cashout.

    So take time today and write a article or post about something you like and post it.

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    Really nice contributions by @hafiz786 and @ardodd. You really made this topic/page helpful and informative for all of us. I hope you both will be come back to OC once again for helping us and for making OC more active as it was in early days.

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    I think the game on pc very popular in many casinos and great for our members

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