What is Limit Hold'em and How to play it

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    What is Limit Hold’em and How to play it.

    This Forum is about learning what and how to play Limit Hold’em.

    What is Limit Hold’em?

    Limit Hold’em is the original game that was introduced in the early 1900’s in the state of Texas. Limit Hold’em was played in card rooms, saloons, backyard games all across Texas. It began as a game that players decided they wanted to play instead of 5 card or 7 card stud and draw. The players figured out a way to be able to bet more and use more strategies for the variation of Poker.

    No the reason they called it Hold’em is because in this game you get two cards from the dealer. Those are called Hole Cards and each player receives them. The early players figured out a way to be able to bet once you got your two cards to see if you wanted to stay in the hand. Then those that were left instead of getting more cards the dealer would put 3 cards down on the table face up. This is known as the Flop and then each player has a chance to check, bet, call a bet, or bet the size of the pot.

    Then when each player has had their turn the dealer will lay another card down on the tale face up. This is known as the Turn and each player has the chance to check, bet, call a bet, or bet the size of the pot. Then once everyone has had a chance to play the dealer then lays another card on the table face up. This card is called the River and each player has one last chance to check, bet, call a bet, or bet the size of the pot. And once all bets have been placed each player could turn over their cards, now the exception is that if a player that stayed in the hand does not want to show what they have then they can throw the cards away to the dealer.

    What makes Limit Hold’em different from No Limit Hold’em is that the player can only bet the maximum of the size of the pot. Example: The pot was 75 chips and player one instead of betting the blinds 10/20 and betting for 20 chips only he decides to raise the bet. The maximum he can raise the bet is 75 as it is the exact same size of the pot.

    In Example two: The same pot is 75 chips and player one does the same thing by betting 75 the size of the pot. But this time player 4 wants to raise him/her, so what player 4 can bet as a maximum is the Pot plus the size of the bet from player one. So player 4’s bet would be 150 chips, and player 1 would have to match this bet or fold.

    Players like to play Limit Hold’em as it has the ability for players to not lose as much if they were playing Texas No Limit Hold’em where anyone could bet all their chips at anytime.

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    wow ! @ardodd ! Thank you so much for all this information about this game. I really liked this all the information. Keep it up and sharing your experiences. Thanks !

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    You are very welcome @hafiz786

    As soon as @admin is able to get a compatible Hand Replayer I will start do visual demonstrations of Poker Hands.

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    No doubt ! This is one of the best topic (article) on this game. This topic is really useful and informative for all of us. @ardodd ? Can you please tell us what is the main difference b/w the Limit hold’em and no limit hold’em …?

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    Have a nice sharing by ardodd thanks for this and i possible please explain their limits to play.

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    thank you for everything you’ve told me about poker

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    This one is also very useful, helpful and informative for us. I really learnt many new things from this tutorial. Keep making such tutorials for us. Thank you !

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