What is Mini Blogging and How to use it.

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    What is Mini Blogging and How to use it.

    What is Mini Blogging?

    Mini Blogging is us your Forum and Forum Topics to get members to contribute to you Forum Post.

    How do you use it?

    This is where you the writer of the Forum Topic comment and help others stay active on your Forum Topic or Post. You goal should be to keep people commenting on your Mini Blog or Forum Topic. Try to create Topics that make people want to be involved.

    My advice is treat your Forum Post as a Mini Blog that you own and it pays you to keep people coming back for more. Update it by asking questions, giving more details, and helping others. This will help you be more successful and happier instead of running around trying to make more everyday fill your own up with details.

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    always make a topic that makes people want to get involved, I agree ardodd.

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    Nicely explained Ardodd we should create an interesting forum topic so that people can write their views to create a nice discussion.

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    yes you right u should write something help people and make him interesting  in your topic and always comments

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    Thank you everyone. It is always a pleasure to write and help others learn to be more successful at Forum posting and Commenting.

    I believe we learn more and are more active if it is something we like to do.

    What are some things you want me to cover?

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    @ardodd your way of writing is really an impressive one, You styling of first asking the thing and then explaining it really attracts me.

    Your suggestion of writing a mini blog in forum is good advice.

    here I have one question how can we write some attractive mini blog especially its title

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    Thanks @Ardodd you explain this topice clearly.

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    I love this topic. Thank you for explaining about the mini blogging.

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    @ardodd You always sharing some thing good and different from the rest of the members.

    I think You have to share your experience for the online casino means games which you mostly plays.

    Blog topics in term How to play ….. games, Tips for bet, any other that should be helpful for new comers.

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    @ardodd, where i can found mini blogging?

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    @ardodd Good questions and good answers. thanks

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    Thank so,much everyone. I enjoy writing and spending time helping others learn how to be more productive and interactive with their readers. This is something that I have noticed here on OnlineCasino that we lack the most. We will become bigger and stronger as we grow into writers.

    This one thing we can do best on our own Forum Topics “Mini Blogs”

    @Lier a Mini Blog is your Forum Post that you make. The idea behind it is to make a good title that people will want to read, give some examples of it, tell the benefits of it, ask questions to keep people coming back to learn more about it. That is the basic idea behind Mini Blogging and using your Forum Post and topic to attract interaction.

    Some Topics for Mini Blogging:

    1) Read others Topics

    2)While reading see if anyone needs answers.

    3) Find a connection between questions and answers.

    4) Write a few versions of the Topic.

    5) Write about the details and benefits of your Topic.

    6) Spend time listening to your readers and see what they need.

    7) Always end your comments with a question.

    The more times people viewing and comment on your Mini Blog the more points you get. You are the Owner and Creator of it. Spend time learning your readers needs and finding ways to help them.

    How can you help others learn to interact and be involved with your Mini Blog?

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    @Ardodd ! Thank you very very much to share this very useful info with us. And there is not any doubt in your topics or explanation.

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    @ardodd ! Thank you very very much to share such a useful stuff with us. Very nice to you. Keep it up. Thanks again !

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    Really nice sharing ! Thank you @ardodd for this one of the most useful and innovative forum topic. Today I learned that we can also say forum topics as mini blogging.

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