What is the priority's order given by you for OC's section?

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    I hope, you have given some priorities based on your experience for working on this site to manage and handle your flow of work in order to get good enough amount from OC on daily basis. Kindly share that priority order with me. I will be highly thankful to you for your kindness. Of course ! your contributions will be highly useful for me.

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    Yup ! Of course; I have given priorities order, those are:

    1st priority is: Replying on Forum Topics

    2nd priority is: Answering for Questions

    3rd priority is: Posting new Forum Topic

    4th priority is: Commenting on blogs

    5th priority is: Asking new question

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    Priority to earn points in my oc answer forum topics followed by Q & A thread in and suggest additional topics in the oc

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    as members @ Guddu told me to do the same to earn extra points in the oc

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