What's are rules of "Aladdin's Wishes" Games

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    What’s are rules of “Aladdin’s Wishes” Games

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    Sorry, I also don’t know about this game. Even I haven’t any single idea for this game yet. Well, I’ll find out this game to get some info about it.

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    I also don’t know about this game. @smith ? When you succeeded to found out about this game then please share with us.

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    @post2search I am not what the rules are of “Aladins Wishes” Game.

    But if Aladin would give me three wishes I would be happy.

    Of course I would probably be like the guy on TV that had three wishes and his first wish was “I wish for a Million Bucks” and then “POOF” there they were 1 Million Bucks standing in his front yard and neighborhood.

    So remember if you do have the chance to meet Aladin and are Granted 3 wishes becareful what you wish for.

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    I never heard about this game before. I will try to find this game and surely give it a try. If you have a link of this game then must share for me.

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