Who is addicted to gambling?

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    Gambling addict is a person who spends time and money gambling in a way that is harmful to him. Who is desperately gambling addiction as compulsive or pathological gambler known.
    The main symptom of addiction to gambling, loss of control over gambling. The loss of control can be defined in the following ways:
    1. Gambling will soar. Why that person to maintain the level of excitement, or trying to win and thus get its money needs to accept greater risk.
    2. Some people can not stop gambling when to stop. If they take the money. Feel that this can bet with their money. But finally, the chance to get them back as far as gambling and gambling addicts carry all their money goes down.
    3. Those who say they will not gamble again and no matter how hard it is to have struggled to re-gambling is gambling not see her again.
    A person may be addicted to gambling or pathological gamblers, but only in conjunction with a gambling problem is. For example, some gambling addicts may purchase lottery tickets every week and never have a problem in relation to the type of gambling but about sports betting is a major problem.
    There are also desperate gamblers do not gamble between events or episode fad or do not think about it. They may only be on a sports betting and gambling do not show interest in the rest of the year. Or they may go to Las Vegas several times a year or at other times not Hussey. The gamblers can lose big reason that in just a few days ago that gambling will cause problems in your life.

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    It is difficult to say this who is addicted.

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    how we can say it is addicted or not i think i is quite difficult to say anything about it.

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    is certainly there, but the ratio is not high and can not be avoided when the macadam into gambling

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