why am I not able to get some points after answering questions

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    Anjith Reddy Mamidi
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    It was shown in point history but not added to my profile

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    @Anjith did you get points for it?

    If it shows in your Points History that you got points for it then I would not worry about not being in your Profile as it is not creditedtogether yet. I see the same thing all the time. Just give it time and it will be in both.

    If you have not received points yet then your question is not approved/unapproved yet. So if you only got 1point for it then it is not approved yet. Give it time, if it is unapproved youWill see a deduction in your Profile and points history.

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    in my opinion limits of day

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    There is no limits on questions as far as remember. Only thing is don’t ask a question that is already been answered or be in danger of being banned.

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    As according to new rules, you can only be rewarded for 25 question to be answered. May be you’re going out of range that is fixed now for a single day.

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    May be you are going to out of daily limit for answering. We can only answer for 25 questions per day.

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    if true as you say, the initial contact of the oc admin to see stars

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