Why forum topics are classified?

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    What is the reason that forum topics are classified w.r.t categories?

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    User are able to search and read the topic they want more easily due to classification.

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    In this way we can easily find our topics according to their categories.

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    Searching mechanism becomes easy by the classification of the topics. So this is for the shake of members.

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    The reason Forum Topics are divided into certain Subjects is to help users find the correct place to Post their Forum Topics and replies.

    With out it there would be no way to find what you were looking for.

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    of course in order to facilitate other members when searching for required information, and discussions do not overlap in a Categori

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    In this way they are easy to find and filter by us and as well as by @admin.

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    Forum topics are categorized so that members can easily find the topic for the forum and would like to see

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    @Smith, @shirish5, @MirzaBilal, @tina

    Forums are divided into Topics like your local grocery store or merchandise store is. Think for minute when you go into a store they have signs all over telling you were the goods or merchandise is located.

    Look at the grocery store they tell you were to find milk, butter, bread. And another isle tells you were the meat is located and where to find the meat you want it is labeled so you know what it is.

    Imagine a grocery or merchandise store without labels or signs ( Topics ). When you go in there all you see perishable, non-perishable, and all the groceries not sorted out and it takes you 2 hours to find the milk you need, or even the eggs you need to cook with they put them somewhere between the pickles and peanut butter, but behind the cereal box’s where you could not see them.

    That is why Forums are divided into Topics so we can find them easily and not have to search for hours or even days looking to find what was up in the suggestions section.


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