Why has this online casino website become so seriously strict?

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    ONLINE CASINO why is it so strict now?

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    Due to increase the numbers of spammers on this site. So, admin had to made all the rules strict than earlier to prevent this site from those spammers.

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    Members were posting a lot of crap here to earn points so to prevent them from doing so admin made strict policies.

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    @hafiz786 and @shirish5 both are correct what they said. That’s why OC is going to make strict rules for members.

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    Because this website have there own rules and regulations and we should follow these rules.

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    The truth of the matter is that there were individuals that were cheating the system.

    • They listed their Profiles on Traffic Exchanges to get 100’s of views.
    • They listed their Blog Articles on Traffic Exchanges to get 100’s of views.
    • They created multiple accounts.
    • They created accounts with false email address.
    • They created accounts using one Paypal email address.
    • They would comment with one or two words for points.
    • They would Post Forum Topics which made no sense.
    • They would create Q&A questions that did not make sense.
    • They would answer Q&A questions with same as previous poster or only one or two words.

    Is that enough or would you like for me to keep on and let you know more about why OnlineCasino is very strict in their actions and rules.

    If you have been taken for ten’s of thousands of dollars from ruthless cheaters and thief’s would you try to protect yourself from it. Or would you rather just let them keep taking money from you?

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    I hope because most of member just come here to make points you can also say that are spammers.

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    Just as members @ardodd foregoing members so overused in the creation of individual accounts through

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    because there are too many members should oc oc abusive to become more stringent

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