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    Do you know? Why OC pays us? What’s the main reason that OC is paying us for doing such activities on this site?

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    OC has been growing since active members giving Ideas, Comments, etc. All activities will make OC become famous.So OC will give us rewards for our  positive participation.

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    OC is pay us for our efforts that we made here on OC for the progress of OC

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    @gozy and @post2search both are 100% correct for what they said. Can you please tell me why you make this question? Do you have any doubt on OC?

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    OC takes over suggestions in blogs, forum or other activities for the promotion of the Online gambling that’s why they pay us.

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    OC makes income from all the banner advertising on this site. Along with all our plays on the casinos so @admin rewards us for building their site for them.

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    everything is right and maybe I can add one more, with the active members in the forum, visitor traffic on these sites is increasing and OC will make more famous ..congrats

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    @gozy and @ardodd are correct for their statements. OC is paying us for our activities which are making OC more famous and useful for gamblers and other types of people in this world.

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    oc pay for its members so that members can help to promote more widely oc Vade to the members can learn more experience from casino gambling and the oc

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    I think I tried to explain this in a easy to understand way before..

    OC makes money from our activities in couple of ways.

    • Any time we look at a new page.
    • Any time we click on the Banners.
    • Anytime we Signup for Casino Offers
    • Anytime we Play in Casino and Earn from playing

    Is there any other way I can explain it so that you understand what it means to @admin for us not only to comment but to actually be active in the Casino’s and programs offered.

    Please understand when we dont help we dont get paid on time.


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