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    Anjith Reddy Mamidi
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    Sometimes I feel frustrated by knowing that we wl earn only few points after a whole lot of work

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    after earning a lot points previously now we feel we are earning very little but wait admin may give us some relief by making some positive changes.

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    Yet still oc paid us better then other ptc

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    it is true that. new rules are very restrective and dosnt allow members to grow fast their points.

    at least the paid to view for new visitors should stay. i ve spent a lt of time. reaaly lot of time posting in facebook groups my referral linkk with proofs of payment but now i earn 0 when they visits and 0 when they sign up ? then why should i continue to advertise. oc


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    No need for frustration by the users. We do not know the admin plan yet. I am sure they will come up with some new element for referral. Users may continue to post in Facebook to get the referral.

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    Every body is worry about this. My dear ! only admin knows, why ?

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    Sorry I am not agree with you. We can earn enough points per day. I am earning up to 400-500 points daily.

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    Don’t be sad ! We can easily earn 400-500 points per day just by doing:

    1. 25 Answers (5×25=125)

    2. 50 Replies (5×50=250)

    3. 10 Forum Topics (10×10=100)

    4. 25 points for site visit after login to account.

    4. Total: 500 points

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    yes i also think that restrictions on new rules for this point on the oc detract a lot to the members can earn each ngay.toi hope someday admin will raise this point to limit overtime for members can earn more points

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