will oc introduced identity card system to remove fake id from oc?

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    fake id removal …will it be possible

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    Sorry to say ! But this feature is not so much necessary to have, for OC.

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    I can very well agree with @Smith on this one @Anjith. As OnlineCasino already has a system to verify your account details. And by doing so they do not need another way of verification.

    But if you are referring to fake users and users that create more than one account. Then there is a system that is already in place for that to. As the @admin has a Admin Panel that shows each members details and when someone tries to join using a fake email it is sent to them for verification. So if they do not verify that email then it is considered fake. Also OnlineCasino has a security system in place that keeps any spammer from posting and making accounts.

    One of the other things that @admin corrected last time was the use of one paypal account by different users or many users. As it was noticed that there were several members that created many accounts and had one paypal address. So they were banned for it. WHY?

    Because if you cant have your own payout account then it means you most likely are not the owner (or different person) of the other account. Thus making numerous accounts is against the rules of OnlineCasino.

    Now as far as the rest of the problems that those who were doing this type of cheating not only used the same email and/or same paypal account but had found a way to list thier site on Social Traffic Exchanges and Auto-Surf Traffic Engines which back then OnlineCasino was paying everyone for views to their Profile and views to all Blog Post,Forum Post,Q&A answers. So what was happening is that those users were getting people to view their post,comments,answers just for the money.

    Here is an example of it:

    Say member XYZ123 joined and made a account and listed their paypal account. Then a couple days later they made another account by using ABC321 and used the same Paypal account as before. And a few days later they made another account by using HIJ456 and used the same Paypal acccount. All 3 have different user names and address’s so it looked ok to the normal eye.

    And once they had their accounts going they would create a few post,comments,answers,questions. Then they would go and put it on a Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange and let it run giving them several hundred views a day. You would not think that it would add up, but look at this example:

    ABC123: 3 Blog Post with 100 visitors a day which pays $0.25 each visit= $2.50 a day

    5 Forum Topics with 50 visits a day which pays $0.50 each visit= $25.00 a day

    5 Q&A Questions with 100 visits a day which pays $0.25 each visit= $2.50 a day

    Get 50 visits a day to their Profile which pays $0.50 each visit= $25.00

    **Now add those all together and that user by listing their profile and post,comments,q&a were making around $55.00 a day by cheating.***

    Then take it that they had 3 accounts doing the same thing day after day until it was asked by one individual that wanted to know if they could list their account on it to. Well until then no one had noticed this unusual type of cheating. That is until I come board and noticed this persons question and then noticed several others accounts increasing rather quickly while I could not make that much in one week they were making that much in one day to withdraw.

    And that when I brought it to @admins attention for the loop holes that these individuals were using. And once @admin looked at it they stopped all of OnlineCasino and wrote new rules and blocked the individuals from those countries that were cheating the system. So that is why some countries are not allowed to participate at OnlineCasino in a nutshell.

    My advise to anyone that cheats or plans on cheating the system remember there is always a trail to the source. Just like your question @Anjith will there be a ID to stop fake members on OC? No as the Security Level is top notch and when users try to use a fake or spam address the comment or post is instantly deleted along with the account.

    I hope this explains some of the reasons why @admin and their staff take our Security very Seriously.

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    @ardodd has given nice explanation regarding the security of the site so there is no need for ID card.

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    @ardodd you have given a very nice and brief answer. I fully agreed with you. From Admin panel it’s easy to fin out the fake and duplicate user

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    Thank you @ardodd for this very nice and detailed answer. No doubt, you’re 100% correct.

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    @Anjith I explained just one way users where cheating to get money from OC. But there is many more reasons why we do not need a ID to stop the Fake users. As like I said before @admin has Security measures in place to stop this kind of abuse now.

    I myself have such things setup on my website, as people where signing up left and and right and I had a couple people that were posting 20 to 30 times daily and leaving a link to their website. So after noticing this kind of activity I replaced my Security with WP Security which means WordPress Security. What that did was create a reCaptcha sign-in for users.

    What is reCaptcha?

    reCaptcha is the Security measure that makes any user fill in a number+number= answer or a set of numbers that you have to type in before you can enter the website.


    Because if it is bot or fake user then they can not enter the correct answer. Because the answer changes everytime making it impossible for the bot or fake user to guess it or get it correct.

    How to Stop Fake users….

    How do you stop those users that make lots of post or comments of little or lenght?

    One of the ways is to setup the system so that when someone does reply or comment and does not at least leave something of value then it is deleted. What I mean by that is when some leaves a answer for a Q&A by saying (“No sure”) and then turns around and leaves another one by saying (“Ask @admin“) it gets marked as spam. Simply because the answer does not help nor does it give any meaning.

    I have said this before and will say it again. If you can’t answer the question or make a comment that is helpful or contributes to the answer it is best not to answer at all. When anyone learns how to answer questions or comment in a way that helps others understand the answer to their problem then it goes a long way to providing a meaningful answer.

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    Not yet this method or feature available but i think now OC security having higher lever it also remove most of spammers.

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    it is not necessary to prove that there are other ways

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