will there be any time line to view the winners along with there photo??

www.OnlineCasino.us Forums Winner Screenshots will there be any time line to view the winners along with there photo??

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    Is OC planning to create one section for this winner screen shots

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    Maybe OC will plan it in future we need to wait for the development.

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    Currently, there is not such timeline on this site to view the winners easily. We can hope that they will add such features in future.

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    Well ! OC should think about it, to make such times lines for winners.

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    @Anjith you do make a very good suggestion in adding a photo to the Winners of the Weekly Drawing.

    Now @admin already has a list with the resent winners so there is no need to add something like that. But it would be nice to be able to see these winners and be able to follow them, and I like you feel that having a Winners room would be nice to see those winners.

    But @admin knows what they want to be seen and not be seen so it is up to their discression if it is needed.

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    oday I have not seen any pictures oc mentioned in the forward admin winners will soon update this for the members can see them

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    I think the photo should have mentioned the winners of the game to the famous site can oc more

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