Ultimate Gaming Leaves Atlantic City

The online gaming industry in New Jersey has recently suffered a major setback. Ultimate Gaming is leaving the state of New Jersey. Ultimate Gaming was the first entity to establish online poker playing in the Garden State and, due to the troubled finances of Trump Plaza, Ultimate Gaming is folding its chips in New Jersey.

Ultimate Gaming originally partnered with Trump Taj Mahal to establish the entry of online poker in New Jersey. Ultimate Gaming required a partner physically based in New Jersey in order to run operations. The parent company of Ultimate Gaming, Station Casinos, is based in Las Vegas.

The joint venture fell apart when “the Taj” filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a sad continuation of the bad fortune Atlantic City’s gaming industry has come under in recent years. (Numerous casinos in the city are suffering financially) In the aftermath of the Taj Mahal filing for bankruptcy, Ultimate Gaming claimed various breaches of contract. It does not seem the union between the two entities is going to be rejoined.

This does not mean that Ultimate Gaming will no longer be offering online poker gaming. The Las Vegas based service is still going to provide online play in the state of Nevada.

Venturing into online gaming seemed to be an atypical approach for a traditional Atlantic City casino. In recent years, legalized gambling in neighboring states greatly cut down on the profits of the casinos in Atlantic City. So, to survive if not thrive, the casinos had to look for other ways of making money. One such manner was expanding into the online gaming realm. Regulations do require a person gaming online still be present in the state of New Jersey so limitations do exist in terms of how much revenue can actually be accessed.

Overall, the revenue generated from the online endeavor was not enough to cover collective losses. The Taj remains open, but under the new world of bankruptcy protection. It is not sure whether or not the Taj or Atlantic City in general will be able to make a comeback in the near future.

There are other rules and factors that had to be taken into consideration when setting up poker and casino gaming online in New Jersey.

The physical servers for online casino gaming must also be situated in a casino in Atlantic City. Perhaps these less than flexible rules contributed to the difficulty in being able to run relatively profitably.

Whether or not online gaming and poker playing would have been successful in Atlantic City under any circumstances will forever be a matter of conjecture. Historians will speculate for years upon years as to what truly led to the demise of casino gaming in Atlantic City.

Then again, innovations in online gaming could very well breathe new life into the legendary city.

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  2. The ultimate gaming company, with such portfolio and working capital like that, should easily get another phisycally landmark base casino as new patner. Or they can build their own phisycally casino.

  3. I’m sure not far in the future, ultimate gaming will set another stepforward, and they will success.. time will tell..

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