Unibet Gains A New Asset

iGame Sells Out To Unibet

For the general public who is I don’t wear of who iGame group is, it is a gambling operator specializing an adult games betting games for those who are 18 and over. iGame group is mostly centered in the Nordics and Central European online casinos. Such games that are offered from the iGame group include poker and sports betting, which is legal out side of the United States.

iGame group was set at the acquisition price of €59 million and was paid in and full cold hard cash upfront on September 17th of 2015. The transaction has made a Unibet the owner and now has iGame group under control. It has been reported that negotiations started a month before the finalization date. The iGame name is still I use and the website for the organization is still currently up and running with out a hitch and still host all of the most beloved and popular games that the company has had before. People who are aware of the company may even see new games being launched in the near future, but until then most of the tried and true games are still available for play.

What also made iGame a respectable gaming engine provider was the dedication to safety. The organization had also provided a section where is anyone felt they’re were developing an unhealthy habit to playing the games anyone could quickly seek help and calm down. The organization also gave out tips on how to protect children from getting online and spending all of the households cash.

All though Unibet is already one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, the company has just expanded in the recent acquisition deal with the iGame group. Unibet provides the same type of services as iGame but now doubled, with the deal going so smoothly stocked for the companies are predicted to become more positive and may creat a good turn out. Good things are happening for both companies and customers are reaping the benefits of the acquisition.

Once again you need that is one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe claiming the title from having 10.3 million registered customers in more then 100 countries. Your new bat is a organization that has been operating around for over 17 years and his client to provide safety and pioneering development in the digital world. The respectful online gambling company is a regulated operator and it also holds licenses in several European Union countries such as:

• France
• Belgium
• Denmark
• Italy
• The United Kingdom
• Australia

Again just as with the iGaming group responsible gaming is one of the upmost importance to the organization. Unibet has stated understanding the risk in online gambling and has made such claims as to being a founding member of the European gaming and betting association. The online gaming organization has also been a leading driver of the EU responsible gaming day and EU Parliament. Ever sense the launch Unibet has invested in over €200 million to the development of a source and reliable platform and hopes of providing a safe customer environment.

Ever since 1997 when Unibet was formed the company has had a short history has been able to achieve several awards already. The online gambling gaming provider company has already won about five awards in 2015 alone. Including innovation in poker from EGR awards and affiliate marketing campaign from EGR awards as well. The company has probably listed and displayed all the awards on to the company’s website. Many for the companies accomplishments in marketing and recognition for how fast the company has grown in such a short period of time sense launching off back in 1997. With such a prestigious company buying out the iGame group both organizations are sure to benefit from the acquisition that has just recently taken place this September. Both names of the companies should become house hold names in the near future and will hopefully expand from being a mainly Eurocentric focused company.

Henrik Tjärnstöm chief executive of Unibet has stated “ as the majority of the iGame revenues come from casino, our joint plan is to keep a number of these brands as a complement to our existing brands, Unibet and Maria.” All the while as discussion of the acquisition went on Unibet has appointed a new head of gaming from the NYX gaming group to a man by the name of Frederik Kjell; He has most recently served as commercial manager for the NYX gaming. As previously stated customers will be reaping the benefits the most from the acquisition between Unibet and iGame, it has been announced that there will be a launch to introduce a great number of New games to the European market that will be seeing for the first time.

Customers will be expected to see games such as blackjack side but games and maybe a few unique double ball roulette. In the midst of all the excitement and new changes to the on line casino gaming companies, Unibet has announced that they agreed on a deal for former England national football team manager Glenn Hoddle in becoming an ambassador of the company. Glenn Hoddle is sure to show his value to the company with providing insights in betting tips through via Unibet’s Digital channels and may even appear in some exclusive video content throughout the season.

With all the changes and excitement from Unibet it is sure to be a great year for the Company. Customers wait patiently and excitement for new games to be released and for any more surprise announcements from the Christie just online casino game providers. As of now only time will tell where the companies intentions will go.

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  1. I think, all of the game developer should follow of how the igame work. They’re run the business in a good manner and very honourable. Profit is important, but people safety is most important. So i congratulate unibet to get such a great new asset .

  2. Very nice ! I really liked it.
    No doubt ! This is really a good and nice service provided by this Organization that they are giving tips and guides to protect children from getting online for gambling. And also they are providing and giving their special focus for the safety.
    @bernardbear is 100% correct for what he said. People safety is really a one of the most important than any other service.
    As we all know that any gambler will be only confident while joining and playing on Casinos, when he/she see that concerning casino is really 100% safe to use and play.

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