Unique facts in the casino
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You may have seen all the tricks and the way in which the casino so you keep playing at that place. Here’s a trick used so that visitors keep gambling casino and continue to gamble.

01. Atmosphere

All the atmosphere you feel in a casino is not without a mature marketing tactics, starting from music, light, activity, until the carpet casino everything is thoughtful in order for you to enter a situation where you want to play and keep playing.
Carpet casino that pnuh motive not been granted, the patterns on the carpet has a psychological effect that will make you as comfortable as possible.

02. Location Services and Facilities

If you want to go to the toilet, looking for food, exchanging chips, and other similar things, you will find yourself walking deeper into the casino. This is because in most casino all the services and facilities are placed as far and as deep as possible in the casino.
This principle is similar to the shops or supermarkets that position their goods.

03. Out of Hours

Casino is a place where time seemed to stand still and do not mean. The lights are always brightly lit and the crowd that never stops, especially in the absence of hours in the casino.
In the absence of marker this time it is quite easy for someone not aware of how long they have been playing in the casino, and they will get food and drinks that prevent them from hunger and thirst. This is also coupled with at least the people who wear watches.

04. No Window

Most casino may indeed have a window at the entrance or exit, but once you get it very difficult to find a window or even none at all. This tactic is a tactic that accompany no clock in the previous point, when you get in then you will forget the time as well as the existence of the external world.

05. Food and Drink Guide

Just as free but can be further described separately. Someone who is hungry or thirsty certainly would stop gambling and fully conscious person would not have thought deeply before risking their chips.
This is the task of the servants of the casino, they will present you free food and drinks are directly brought to you and in most cases these are alcoholic beverages. The irony is that you have to pay the drinks and free food you think it through defeats you.

06. Almost Win

Each game in the casino, be it a table or machine designed to give you the edge in the short term, but will eventually hurt you. But even if you lose, you will still be able to see the possibilities are almost win in tow. For example, the slot machine sometimes still can make you win at the other side of your defeat accompanied by almost jackpot.

07. Trick Cashier Desk

You’ve gamble or play long enough, and it’s time for you to redeem the chips that you have returned to the money. Once you are searching turns counter located at the end of the casino which is surrounded by a variety of other games. It is one of the tricks used to counter the visitors.
Not only that, the more effective trick is the long queue of people who also want to exchange their chips. No one likes the queue, so why not play anymore? And if you do decide to wait in line and managed to exchange your chips, the last trick awaits you that you insert coins or a little money into a slot machine before you exit. You do not know is that coins would cause greater losses due to your casino cashier deliberately give money so that you have plenty of coins or small money.

08. Trick Maze

casino can be likened to a giant maze that aim to keep the visitors stay there. On each trip, you will see the slot machines, roulette tables, poker machines and other games. This is a trick they use the maze layout is confusing and difficult solution is known.
You’ve walked past the slot machines, roulette tables meet, but suddenly you are reunited with other similar slot machines. In addition, the slot machine is also quite high and makes you not be able to see the road behind him, yet coupled with most casino that has a roof close enough.

09. All about free

Services cheaper or even free is one of the most important things in the casino. A person usually will get a coupon for free food, buffets, show, or card points that allow them to win prizes. It is a psychological trick which are common but effective, because even if the visitors lose their feel no loss, but the possibility of their return will be higher.
Believe that all of it has been calculated that a person, including yourself still playing and want to continue playing. Whatever is given in the form of free casino, know that they benefit several times from it.

10. Winners Big Is King

Small-time winner is also an important part of a casino (casino), but of course the casino wants to keep the bigger winner remains in the casino than small. Those lucky enough to win big to be treated like a king by the offers of interest, starting from free hotel rooms to special treatment.
The longer the winner was in the casino/hotel, the more money they use. In fact, the visitor is treated like a king is not it, but their money. Moreover, they emphasize the advantages that they offer this through marketing tactics that tertampang clear that every visitor wants to feel the benefit. This tactic is also used for the winners ‘small’ but in a smaller profit as well.