Unique facts in the casino

You may have seen all the tricks and the way in which the casino so you keep playing at that place. Here’s a trick used so that visitors keep gambling casino and continue to gamble.

01. Atmosphere

All the atmosphere you feel in a casino is not without a mature marketing tactics, starting from music, light, activity, until the carpet casino everything is thoughtful in order for you to enter a situation where you want to play and keep playing.
Carpet casino that pnuh motive not been granted, the patterns on the carpet has a psychological effect that will make you as comfortable as possible.

02. Location Services and Facilities

If you want to go to the toilet, looking for food, exchanging chips, and other similar things, you will find yourself walking deeper into the casino. This is because in most casino all the services and facilities are placed as far and as deep as possible in the casino.
This principle is similar to the shops or supermarkets that position their goods.

03. Out of Hours

Casino is a place where time seemed to stand still and do not mean. The lights are always brightly lit and the crowd that never stops, especially in the absence of hours in the casino.
In the absence of marker this time it is quite easy for someone not aware of how long they have been playing in the casino, and they will get food and drinks that prevent them from hunger and thirst. This is also coupled with at least the people who wear watches.

04. No Window

Most casino may indeed have a window at the entrance or exit, but once you get it very difficult to find a window or even none at all. This tactic is a tactic that accompany no clock in the previous point, when you get in then you will forget the time as well as the existence of the external world.

05. Food and Drink Guide

Just as free but can be further described separately. Someone who is hungry or thirsty certainly would stop gambling and fully conscious person would not have thought deeply before risking their chips.
This is the task of the servants of the casino, they will present you free food and drinks are directly brought to you and in most cases these are alcoholic beverages. The irony is that you have to pay the drinks and free food you think it through defeats you.

06. Almost Win

Each game in the casino, be it a table or machine designed to give you the edge in the short term, but will eventually hurt you. But even if you lose, you will still be able to see the possibilities are almost win in tow. For example, the slot machine sometimes still can make you win at the other side of your defeat accompanied by almost jackpot.

07. Trick Cashier Desk

You’ve gamble or play long enough, and it’s time for you to redeem the chips that you have returned to the money. Once you are searching turns counter located at the end of the casino which is surrounded by a variety of other games. It is one of the tricks used to counter the visitors.
Not only that, the more effective trick is the long queue of people who also want to exchange their chips. No one likes the queue, so why not play anymore? And if you do decide to wait in line and managed to exchange your chips, the last trick awaits you that you insert coins or a little money into a slot machine before you exit. You do not know is that coins would cause greater losses due to your casino cashier deliberately give money so that you have plenty of coins or small money.

08. Trick Maze

casino can be likened to a giant maze that aim to keep the visitors stay there. On each trip, you will see the slot machines, roulette tables, poker machines and other games. This is a trick they use the maze layout is confusing and difficult solution is known.
You’ve walked past the slot machines, roulette tables meet, but suddenly you are reunited with other similar slot machines. In addition, the slot machine is also quite high and makes you not be able to see the road behind him, yet coupled with most casino that has a roof close enough.

09. All about free

Services cheaper or even free is one of the most important things in the casino. A person usually will get a coupon for free food, buffets, show, or card points that allow them to win prizes. It is a psychological trick which are common but effective, because even if the visitors lose their feel no loss, but the possibility of their return will be higher.
Believe that all of it has been calculated that a person, including yourself still playing and want to continue playing. Whatever is given in the form of free casino, know that they benefit several times from it.

10. Winners Big Is King

Small-time winner is also an important part of a casino (casino), but of course the casino wants to keep the bigger winner remains in the casino than small. Those lucky enough to win big to be treated like a king by the offers of interest, starting from free hotel rooms to special treatment.
The longer the winner was in the casino/hotel, the more money they use. In fact, the visitor is treated like a king is not it, but their money. Moreover, they emphasize the advantages that they offer this through marketing tactics that tertampang clear that every visitor wants to feel the benefit. This tactic is also used for the winners ‘small’ but in a smaller profit as well.

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  1. in casinos, usually synonymous with beautiful women, booze, man wearing a suit and tie and especially there are many people who are inspired to commit fraud to get the victory.

    • I agree with mr.uban about the casino is synonymous with beautiful women and booze . But if it is identical with the fraud may not be correct , because wherever there is only a deception or fraud .

    • I agree with uban. The have reason the for the beautiful women that wlak around giving you FREE drinks that cost you Tip. Have you ever considered why they dont have windows in the Casino’s? Simply becasue if you can see the outside you will know how long you have been there. Also one other thing that was not touched on is that all Casinos use Purified Oxygen to supplement the air in the Casino. Why? It not only is Pure Oxygen but it makes a person feel lighter and more relaxed. So think about it the next time you go into a Casino, stop and smeel the air. And see how pure it is, then see how relaxed your mind becomes and it is also FREE.

      • Pure Oxygen os called O3 or often call the Ozon.. The inventor was Dr Berger from France at 19th centuty. He used it purify air that full of bacteria and viruses. The O3 also remove the smoke and odor from the air, and turn it into clear air. If the casino use it, its good gor your health, for your skin, for your blood foe your respiration. I never know that casino use the pure oxygen. If it true, if you go to casino, you don’t need to go to expensive ozone theraphy, just come and stay at the casino will make you very healthy.

    • I know that the women are there to be sexy not only for tips. But also to encourage to play more. No the fraud part I am not sure about. As it is too hard ,unless you have two players or more that have figured out a system to work together to cheat.

  2. Nice information. Whatever is given in the form of free casino, know that they benefit several times from it.Thank you.

    • Thanks gozy , seems ratio is greater defeat than victory , the casino can still profit with all policies and facilities that are served .

      • I agree that the ratio is very large defeat than victory so any free facilities provided by the casino will not reduce profits

    • Yes @gozy they are there to help you spend ur money quicker.

  3. The principles; players who have entered the Casino is a pot of money coffers intentionally applied by their respective owners Casino. So every gambler should be ready mentally, when they entered the door of Casino.

    • Because every casino has a strategy abroad to be able to drop in to his country , which in his country to come to the casino , which has entered the casino in order to play up his money that was brought out all , and who like one game in order to play at all table game , if you want to keep playing without a cashier in order to register, all supported by all services.

    • I think the casino knows that if they give you just a little bit you will in turn reach into your pocket and give them some of your money regardless.

      • Yes ardodd the casino will give the player a glimpse chance, so the player feel that their luck with them. And then, if they not careful, they will lost their money.

  4. Do not forget. There is a casino girls who look very “exciting”. What is clear, is in the casino is like being in heaven. Heaven on earth.

    • Facilities at the casino actually about women when offered a beautiful woman with a beautiful face and a broad mastery of the language , a minimum of 4 to master the language, because it is often used as a personal translator , unlike the case with the nightclub .

  5. it is very interesting to terms in this casino, even for any winner who became a legend in the game of blackjack will be entered into the list in the “Hall Of Fame”

  6. Absolutely right Rudz, in every gmabling places there is no clock in the previous point, because casino/gambling owner want the gambler when get in to building they will forget the time and spend all money in casino.

    • Even his own players also avoid to wear a watch so that they can enjoy the game played her .

      • with a sparkling casino atmosphere and comfortable, also there are many beautiful women in it as well as the presence of an interesting game then whoever therein will be forgotten by the time.

        • Its true uban , especially with the casino system that always makes us almost always win that makes the players very curious about the victory .

          • Remember that Casino’s have to maintian a 80% payout rate on thier machines. The machines will allow you to win 80% as it is set by the law or whatever the law aloows them to set it at. Imagine playing at a slot machine which you are playing the $0.25 and betting $2.50 on each hand, now the machine is programed to pay out atleast 80%. But what people dont realize that it tells you that it payout 80%. So you play on it and the funny thing is that the 80% of the time you only win back your bet on that spin. And the other 20% they are keeping. If you played 5 hands playing $2.50 how much would you win using the 80% rule?

  7. Well the strategy of the casino. everything is thought out carefully by the casino, in a way that even though initially they spend but the benefits will be greater

    • In casinos definitely defeat the larger scale of the victory , so all the services and facilities covered by the fund , so the capital fund and thought at the beginning of making it extremely reasonable

  8. There’s another unique fact i think. Most of gambler will go back to the same casino. That’s weird. Casino is like a doctor for them. Maybe because they’ll meet the same person there.

    • I strongly agree bernard , not right in the casino , I ‘ve followed the gambling in school , all of which are involved in it like there is a very strong brotherhood exceeds the siblings , and the relationship was maintained for decades until now , all because of gambling in school .

  9. I am interested in the point no.10 of “Winners Big Is King”, but if there is one day a gambler who never lost even with a small or a big bet, if anyone ever knowing this information?

    • I ‘ve heard about it mbach and incidentally his gambling players come from Indonesia , he has a typical wear gloves and shirts, but the money never run out sheath so often won his bet betting games such as poker storey .

  10. Absolutely right these are the tricks used by casinos so that the customers gamble to their satisfaction.

  11. The information is very cool, I just found out why the casino made very frenetic and elegant. Apparently many psychological side deliberately.

    • Thanks vicbro . , With this article we can know more about casino tucked behind his splendor hidden function and purpose and genius

  12. In point 07. Trick Cashier Desk, glance seems like goes as natural / normal but for me this trick is look like hypnotise method. Am i right Rudz?

    • certainly point no. 3 “Out Of Hours” more hypnotic, this indirectly because people will not realize that he had been eaten by the time when lingering gambling, and realized when they have run out of money in defeat 😀

      • Welcome to the time stand still.. life never stop there, the light is full, never seem to change. Spirit in the air.. the will to win..

    • that is right Dado, the casino must have had a defense against metaphysical treatment in addition to provide an atmosphere that leads to the psychology of players to continue playing , indirectly a mild hypnotic unwitting party casino .

      • a funny thing, let us play in a live gambling. when we play at an online casino can make us hypnotized to be able to linger spend time in front of a computer all day :). do you agree Rudz?

  13. @mbach: the winner is the king, thats correct, the slot machine winner usually announce around casino, and people around applause him/her

  14. If we read and try to understand unique trck in Casino is similiary like a Supermarket/mall. The owner want visitor spend all money in the casino/supermarket/mall. It’s a big point, please correct me if i’m wrong Rudz

    • every type of business has its own marketing trick to promote their business, surely the tricks used in the casino will be different in a supermarket / mall, and will be different from the other types of businesses.

      • but knowledge of this article could be a provision in the marketing techniques marketing and interior design although not to the casino .

    • Exactly, overall casino techniques in setting up its environment such that its purpose is only focused on one point , namely the casino gambler willing to spend time and money in the casino in a very comfortable situation .

      • Everything seems to be set, that the casino is different world from the outside. They create a gambling heaven. If necessesary, people come to stay as a citizen there as long as they want.

  15. long queues in exchange chips on the counter as point number 7 is a good strategy of casino detain a person for longer be there.

    • Point number 7 just like trawling (pukat harimau) in the science of fishing , which is great but it can certainly be small not to escape , so the preferred game is definitely going to be played , but others will try the game is played , the coin which will be disbursed as much as possible also played back not to be exchanged at the checkout .

  16. Quite reasonable and logical to retain a person to remain in the room casino, because it is essentially a gambler has a curiosity as well as problems of addiction will be a challenge in a game of gambling. Of course there are facilities that aims to provide a sense of comfort for visitors as well as the purpose of the owner of the casino was reached of course.

    • Absolutely, because the owner of the casino provide the facilities and infrastructure that make the players comfortable gambling , then they are more loyalty with money to play in the casino , and if there is a chance to play again definitely go back again to the same casino when gambling players are already feeling comfortable , especially they could recommend the casino to friends of his others.
      which ultimately resulted in enormous profits for the casino owners .

  17. This unique fact relevant to the gambler requires concentration so see changes outside the casino building can be reminded of the time. discuss the unique reality no less unique james bond movies that every movie there is a theme / background casino and gambling types that are popular among gamblers actually.

    • Because I know about the casino is a place rich people to have fun and spend their money without thinking about the advantages of his bets in pairs , such as fishermen who love the thrill attract fish while fishing but is not intended to eat his fish .
      then in the movie world class , very appropriate as a background casino is exclusive and glamorous places .

  18. you are right, all the things in which you fit the above article aims to make visitors comfortable in the casino, made comfortable by providing all the facilities so that there is no time limit for the visitors out of the casino except the money they bring out in all the bets

    • Actually there that I want to know about the casino that is on their financial bookkeeping , with its many types of games and the amount of turnover is very fast every hour of her , I am sure to be people who are very expert in financial matters to regulate it.

      • I’m sure they will use a sophisticated accounting software. The slot machines will auto connected to it, while for manual game, the cashier will entry the accounting journal manually to the software from the in-out chip and money they manage.

  19. latest casino is very modified and use the all latest technology and attract the many person for casino. and all facilities provide by the all customers .

    • That’s right Mr. Sujit, latest casino or modern everything has changed and using all the latest technologies also provide all the facilities for customers.

  20. Wow, great efforts ! We can easily imagine the land-based casino’s design and layouts and charms after reading this articles and reviewing all the discussion.
    I never seen any land-based casino in my life. But now I am thinking, I have seen a casino, which you showed in your article. Really great and awesome !
    And meanwhile, I want to say thanks to @Ardodd who explain why there is not any window in casinos. I am laughing at this time while thinking that, how many trick they have to force the gamblers to spend more and more time at their casinos. Now, I have known the reason, why people become more addicted with gambling.

    • Yes, but somehow, i think this article will be a history in near future, people will read this article as a memory, Probably there will be no more landbase casino in the afuture.. We’re entering a Virtual reality era..

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