Victoryland, Shorter – Alabama

Location of Victoryland in Shorter, Alabama

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Photos of Victoryland Casino:

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Quincy’s Triple Seven Bingo Casino

Controversy and Federal Investigation Interferes With the Gaming Interests

This unique place of the entertainment business in Alabama, which is called Quincy’s Triple Seven Bingo Casino and is also called Victory Land, has a most colorful history. Most of the controversy involves state officials of the State of Alabama and most of the controversial issues evolved over the use of electronic gaming devices. Big legal pressures finally came to most heated point two years ago when the state mandated that Quincy’s Triple Seven Bingo Casino in Shorter, Alabama be closed, because of the electronic gambling. Big time arrests as the owner of Victory Land, Milton McGregor underwent a federal investigation. As a result, some state officials, and some lobbyists were restricted from doing any business at the Quincy’s Triple Seven Bingo Casino (Victory Land). The owner countersued and was acquitted of all federal charges in March of 2012. He won his appeal and two years later, he was given the right to re-open his business. Guests were allowed to enter the casino and all of the other facilities in December of that same year, 2012. Nevertheless, Mr. McGregor is part of the gaming history of Alabama. The earliest gaming featured what was called ‘dog tracks’ and was, in fact, the uniqueness of greyhound dogs racing against themselves. Today, Victory Land is once again known as the special place to go for guests to enjoy the entertainment of greyhound racing, enjoying gaming at a casino, and staying over at a hotel in Shorter, Alabama.

Directions to Victory Land

The address for the gaming establishment s Quincy’s 777 Casino, located at number 8680 Co Road, 40 Shorter, Alabama. On the map, you can find Victory Land in the middle of Route 40 and Route 8. On the map, Route 28 veers away and off to the Days Inn Shorter and Brooklawn Drive is not far from Days Inn Shorter. Jeters Dinner is another location that tourists may wish to visit. It is very close to the Victory Land and its casino. The Dinner is located not far from the intersection of Route 8 and Route 40.

Additional Descriptions of Victory Land

The total number of rooms that the building comprises is 300. The building is designated as a casino-type, and was renovated in 2009. Its special feature, the Greyhound Racing track comprises almost 1,200 feet. The track was built twenty-five years ago. The racing track is designated as the home track for over 40 greyhound racing dogs. Victory Land comprises the casino, which is called Quincy’s 777. The building has installed over 7,000 slot machines for gaming. Before the investigation and closing by the Federal government, the casino was known to house the largest number of electronic bingo games in the state. Its hotel is located on its grounds and is called the Oasis Hotel. The Oasis Hotel is a huge building that offers 300 rooms for lodging. The hotel was opened in November of 2009. One of the hotel’s main features is its extraordinary dining rooms and food choices at its restaurant, which is called Whitfield’s Steakhouse. A bar is part of the restaurant. It is called O’s Lobby Bar. And there is an OBrew Cafe located in the grounds of the restaurant.

Other Restaurants In Shorter, Alabama and in the Surrounding Towns

The list of hotels in Shorter and in surrounding towns is long, but here are some accommodations that are considered the best for guests. The start of the list is with the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Montgomery, and next there is the Hampton Inn & Suites by Marriott. Then there are the Country Inn & Suites. A specific choice of accommodations could be the Days Inn Shorter, which is located at 450 Main Street. It is to say the least a very impressive building. From its sheer size, it has the appearance that it can accommodate a lot of people. The landscaping appears to be neat and very organized. The Inn is a very welcoming place. Guests can always expect courtesy and respect. The staff is very friendly. Accommodations include a full free breakfast. The internet service is a courtesy of the inn. The outside pool is very large and is very well cleaned on a daily basis. The inn allows guests to bring their pets with them. The interior decorations of the rooms is most suitable to the guests. The well-lighted ochre yellow painted walls enhance the color of the purple drapes. The lavender rug ties in well with the overall colors and decorations. The bedspreads are intricately designed with yellow squares that are dotted with yellow and black small lines. To match the smart decorations of the bedrooms, there is a roomy kitchenette. With a counter that contains most of what would be contained in a kitchen at home, there are the home-type appliances that can be used freely. There are two small tables, but each table comes with two comfortable kitchen chairs. Bathrooms are designed to be a comfortable size. A large marble top adorns the top of the bathroom sink. Extra towels are given for the guest’s convenience. The rate that is charged for accommodations is less than what some of the hotels charge in the nearby City of Montgomery.

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