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The Euro 2016 semi-finals in Marseille, France are causing excitement for football (also known as “soccer”) fans all around the planet. Tickets to these games are truly a hot commodity for football lovers everywhere. They’re not exactly easy to acquire at this point. People who love online gambling, however, may have a chance to get their hands on coveted Euro 2016 semi-finals tickets, excitingly enough. This is all thanks to the folks at Video Slots Casino. Video Slots Casino has pledged to hold a competition for people who wish to attend the semi-finals. The individual who wins the contest will be able to enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to the beautiful southern French city and also to the thrilling matches.

Video Slots Casino’s lucky winner won’t have to attend the Euro 2016 semi-finals alone, either. That’s because he or she will have the opportunity to pick someone to go along for all the joy. This is thanks to the fact that there are two tickets available.

Video Slots Casino has just introduced another video slot game to its current roster. This new slot game has a spirited football theme that’s sure to please dedicated fans of the sport. The game is known as “Football: Champions Cup” and was created by NetEnt, a well-known gaming system company. Gamblers who are determined to win Video Slots Casino’s competition should prioritize playing Football: Champions Cup. If a player wagers €10 while playing this video slot, he or she will then receive a token that applies to the competition’s raffle. People who place bigger bets, because of that, will be able to get higher numbers of entries. This of course will strengthen their odds of winning the competition and heading to Marseille for some good old-fashioned football fun.

The competition’s winner will be selected at random. Video Slots Casino’s exciting promotion begins on Wednesday, May 25th and ends after a total of two weeks. The final date of the promotion is Thursday, June 9th. People can take part in the contest until midnight of that date (technically June 10th). That’s merely hours prior to the official kickoff of the highly anticipated matches.

The Euro 2016 semifinals are set to take place during the competition’s final week. The fortunate winners of Video Slots Casino’s competition will be making their way to southern France in the beginning of July. The free tickets that are part of the competition are only the beginning as well. The winners of the competition are going to be enjoying a stay at a high-end hotel in Marseille for a total of three nights. Video Slots Casino, of course, is going to take care of all of their costs while they’re there. The competition’s package is also equipped with return airplane tickets. It doesn’t matter exactly where the winners reside, either. Video Slots Casino will take care of their flight costs. Winners of this competition don’t have to do anything other than bring along spare cash for anything they might want to purchase while in Marseille. The amount they bring is strictly their choice.

People who win Video Slots Casino’s competition are required to claim their prize. The casino does not offer winners any cash substitutions. The winnings cannot be transferred, either. The contest’s fortunate winner will be alerted by the Video Slots Casino team five days in advance. He or she will then receive in-depth information regarding use of the prizes.

Video Slots Casino is offering its players a strong incentive to play Football: Champions Cup. This video slot game can be quite an enjoyable experience for enthusiastic gambling fans. It’s equipped with a vast selection of diverse wilds. The game also has a couple fantastic bonus features available to players who want to win more. It has a Free Spin Tournament bonus for people who want to win big and have a blast while doing so.

People who love gambling should take part in Video Slots Casino’s promotion. Players who want to win category 2 tickets to the year’s biggest sporting event should not miss out on the casino’s contest. These opportunities don’t pop up too often. It’s important for players to not forget that the competition doesn’t provide winners with any choices in cash alternatives, however. The prizes are intended exclusively for big football fans who want to have the times of their lives in Marseille at the Euro 2016 semi-finals. There are many people in that category, too.