Play Video Slots

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If you’ve ever visited a casino, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the classic slot machine. In this casino game, you typically insert coins and pull a lever to activate a series of tumblers displaying numbers or symbols. If the tumblers display matching symbols when they stop moving, you win. Video slots elevate this concept to a new level by adding game mechanics that wouldn’t be possible with mechanical tumblers.

Multiple Lines

In a traditional slot machine, symbols must match along a single horizontal axis for a payout. What if you could increase your bet for a chance to match symbols vertically, or even diagonally? With some video slot games allowing you to match symbols on as many as 20 axes, your possibilities for winning — and for achieving larger jackpots — are much higher with video slots than with traditional slot machines.


When you play online video slots, you can affect the game’s outcome in ways that wouldn’t be possible with traditional slot machines. In the Metal Detector game, for example, you can increase your winnings by using a metal detector to locate treasures at a beach. Other games display entertaining cut scenes and animations.

Keeping it Simple

Although many players enjoy increasing their potential winnings by betting across multiple lines when playing video slots, you are also free to play video slots in the traditional manner by betting across a single line. In doing this, you can enjoy the thrill of slots while minimizing the risk associated with large wagers.

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