Visa Debit Card Introduction & Review

visa-debit-cardVisa debit cards increase the convenience of nearly every consumer who uses them. No longer is it necessary to carry a checkbook. Instead, you can carry a Visa debit card and have the protection that a normal credit card may have. Protection against fraud gives you the piece of mind that you’ll be protected from unscrupulous business practices and people. Here are some other facts about Visa debit and benefits of being a Visa debit cardholder.

What is a Visa Debit Card?

Unlike a Visa credit card, a Visa debit card does require that funds be available in a checking account to draw from for transactions. It’s like writing a check without all of the hassle of writing and waiting for the check to clear. Most debit transactions are immediate; so, your account can be balanced immediately and cannot be overdrawn. If the funds are not available, your Visa card will decline. Visa debit cards are convenient in this way.

Facts to Know About Visa Debit Card

1. They are Secure

Debit cards have all the security of credit cards, which means that you’ll never have to worry about a fraudulent transaction on your account. You can simply dispute it, and Visa will handle the rest. It’s a simple process that many people take for granted. Thus, it is a good idea to have a Visa debit card for protection.

2. Debit Cards Have the Same Benefits as Credit Cards

Debit cards offer the same benefits of credit cards except the funds must be secured by a checking account. Otherwise, debit cards have the same conveniences and benefits without the hassle of having to pay a bill at the end of the month. They are also the same size as credit cards. If you’re discreet, no one will ever know that you’re using a debit card instead of a credit card. It’s a nice perk to have.

3. No Grace a Period for Purchases

When a purchase is made, it is automatically deducted from your account. Unlike checks, there is no grace period between the time the time the check is written and when the check is cashed. This may be a benefit of checks that is often missed by consumers. However, most consumers would prefer the convenience of Visa debit cards over the grace period.

4. Some Debit Cards Have Monthly Fees

Some debit cards have monthly fees associated with them. This is one of the downsides of debit cards, but the benefits may outweigh the fees associated with the cards. That’s why so many people prefer the fees to gain the conveniences.

5. Debit Cards are Used for Daily Expenditures

Debit cards are used for daily expenditures such as grocery, eating out, gas, coffee, and shopping. Any place you would write a check, you can use your debit card. It’s safe, fast, and convenient.

Benefits of a Visa Debit Card

Convenient – There is no longer a need to carry a checkbook. A single credit card is all that is necessary. Most women have room for a credit card in their purse, but they may not have room for a check book. That’s why Visa debit cards are convenient.

Easier to Track Your Transactions – With Visa debit cards, all of your transactions are listed immediately. You can tell if you have overspent or if you have enough to complete a transaction. It is simple. It is easy, and there is a long paper trail of your transactions should a problem arise.

More Secure Than Checks – Every debit card transaction made is accompanied by a pin. This makes it more secure and less vulnerable to fraudulent transactions. It would take tremendous effort for someone to guess your pin and use your card. Thus, it is a more secure way to make purchases.

Accepted at Numerous Locations Worldwide – Visa debit cards are accepted at numerous locations around the world. With over 24 million locations worldwide accepting Visa debit cards, it is more convenient than most other options available.

Know the Benefits and Disadvantages of Visa Debit Card

Even with all of the disadvantages of Visa debit cards, most people still choose to use them because they are simply more convenient than other forms of payment. It’s more secure than cash that may be lost and never recovered, and it’s faster than checks. That’s why it’s so important to have a Visa check card because it’s convenient, and it’s accepted anywhere Visa is accepted or the Visa logo is displayed. Most people are aware of the advantages of the Visa debit card, but it’s great to have a reminder from time to time. If you are not aware, speak to a local representative about the benefits.

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  1. There is a great benefit of using Visa debit card and also one can use the card for international transaction.

    • Yes, you’re right shirish it can also use as an inernational transaction. It more simple than traveller cheque. If you bring it when you go to other country, you can use it everywhere. And you can withdraw cash in almost every atm. And you can us it to shop from small mini market, to luxurious jewel store.

  2. Thank you @admin for this Review of debit cards. I find them much easier to use as the transaction is recorded instantly. And it makes it much easier to keep track of. And it is Good on some international purchases.
    Plus it has buyer protection.

    • Interesting, @ardodd. I’ve never heard about debit card buyers protection before.. Is the mechanism from debit card buyers protection, same with credit shield (insurance) from credit card’s protection? anyone can tell me?

  3. Thanks for sharing such an informative article about “Visa Debit Card”. This article covers maximum number of things by which one can understand about this payment method.

    I prefer the visa debit card over the credit card because it provide the all the feature of credit card and moreover its more secure than that of credit.

    Well most of debit cards of my country support to purchase only from few international forum or any other country, therefore I am looking for Such a debit card that I can avail and also provide the facility to purchase and withdraw within my country.
    Anyone of you tell me such a debit card that provide international support and also have no fee or minimum fee.

  4. Thanks Admin ! for this review for Visa Debit Card. I admit, and there is not any kind of doubt, that Visa Debit Card has numerous features as mentioned in this articles. But I have one question to ask from @post2search ! Why did you say, that Visa Debit Card is more secure than Visa Credit Card? Please can you explain your words?
    The only reason that I prefer Debit card to Credit card is that, in case of debit card, our transaction take place immediately, and our account balance is update meanwhile.
    In my country, Visa logo is printed on almost all Debit card that we received from our local banks. Can any body explain? can we use these cards online to transfer money or to make any kind of transaction… ?

    • @hafiz786 : maybe what post2search trying to say is, there are so many credit card stolen on the internet, and sometime there are fake online shop web, just to stole your credit card number.

    • yes, most online portals these days accept payments by the visa and maestro cards. The advantage of instant transaction must be that you will be informed the moment any transaction is made from your account. In this case if the transaction has not been made by you, you can take required measures and hence, prevent further damage.

  5. The one of the best Debit card in all over the World and that is Visa Debit Card. I personally prefer this card on all other cards. Sorry to say, but it’s true. And at the same time, I prefer to Debit card on Credit Card. I don’t know the better reason for this, but I always prefer. May be some one of you say, this guy is mad. @admin really nice to you, to share this useful article with us. And members contribution really made this page very very informative and useful for other members.

  6. Even with the charges deducted from debit card management, is still very much preferable and accessible for easy transactions, in Nigeria for instance, vest majority are using debit card of versa card because you hardly get a complain in their service delivery

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