Visa Electron Introduction & Review

visa-electronVisa Electron is a convenient debit card that has been in popular use globally since 1985. Known as a “sister card” of Visa Debit card, Visa Electron can be obtained by application in most nations of the world. Since its introduction, it has become one of the most frequently used cash cards in all countries except Australia, Canada, Ireland and the USA. Users of the Visa Electron card can withdraw only the amount of money that is available in the card account, so any funds transferral requests made are only issued for amounts up to the current card balance. In contrast, Visa Debit cards do permit funds withdrawals and transfers of money amounts that are over the total card account’s available balance. However, cash debits that exceed the current card balance must usually be kept to a minimum amount.

Major Features and Benefits of the Visa Electron Card

In different countries and locations, the Visa Electron card may have varying features, functions and benefits. For example, although this card is commonly issued by card members as a debit card, some banks give it the status and capabilities of a credit card. Cardholders can withdraw funds at automated teller machines (ATMs), both nationwide and internationally in countries that issue and honor this card. Due to the fact that Visa Electron cards are actually linked to the interbank network of Visa PLUS, card users can withdraw money from banking ATMs worldwide, even in countries where the Visa Electron card is not issued. In many countries, banks will approve customers for Visa Electron cards if they do not qualify for credit cards. For this reason, many students and young working people who have recently obtained employment carry the Visa Electron card.

As a world-recognized debit card, Visa Electron ensures the safety of your funds. Each card includes an embedded microprocessor, and copying or tampering with this advanced technology is nearly impossible. As a result of such security precautions, many people have their paychecks automatically deposited to their Visa Electron accounts. While their money is immediately available for use, it is also well-protected from hackers and thieves. Some people also feel more secure carrying a debit card for everyday purchases and expenses than a credit card. If a debit card like the Visa Electron is lost or stolen, it cannot be used by another person to make false charges. It is important, however, for card carriers to keep their Visa Electron card PIN numbers secret and secure as another safety measure for preventing the cards from being misused by others.

The logo for Visa Electron normally appears at the bottom right side of the card, with the notation of “Debit Card” appearing in the upper right corner. The majority of these cards do not include the familiar hologram of a dove that Visa debit and credit cards usually display. The skillful manufacturers of the Visa Electron card have ensured this card’s inability to be compromised with a card imprinter, because the card number, card member name and card validation are in printed rather than embossed form. In order to make purchases with this card, either a magnetic stripe scanner or a PIN and chip reader is necessary. Without question, the Visa Electron debit card is designed and produced to offer versatile functions and features while being a secure debit card to carry and use.

Primary Advantages Offered by the Visa Electron Debit Card

There are various attractive advantages to using the Visa Electron debit card for purchases and cash advances today, including the following:

• The Visa Electron debit card is widely accepted internationally for purchasing products and services as well as making cash withdrawals at ATM and POS terminals. In addition, many POS terminals in business centers do not charge funds withdrawal fees.

• This convenient debit card is commonly accepted when buying items or services on the Internet.

• Travelers who are Visa Electron cardholders can spend freely in many global locations with use of this card, since the cardholder’s home country currency is auto-converted to the currency of the country where purchases are being made.

• Funds can be withdrawn from this card 24/7/365 at any ATM or POS terminal displaying the VISA logo.

• Cardholders of this safe, convenient cash card have no need to carry large amounts of cash with them, even when traveling abroad, due to the Visa Electron card’s widespread international acceptance and use.

How to Obtain a Visa Electron Debit Card

You can easily apply for a Visa Electron debit card online. Just with the aid of a Google search of this well-known card name, you will be provided with names and websites of banks that issue this popular card. Also, your current bank or another bank in your neighborhood may offer applications for Visa Electron cards if you prefer to submit an application in person. Whether you choose to apply on the Internet or at a bank, you will receive prompt and courteous notice concerning the status of your application for card membership.

Once your application has been approved, you will soon receive your new card and account information. Then you will be ready to start enjoying the many varied benefits of membership as a new Visa Electron cardholder. Even if you now have several credit cards or other debit cards in your name, you will benefit greatly from the wide acceptance of this card for making purchases globally. Whether you plan to use your new Visa Electron debit card for making product purchases on the Internet, to shop in your favorite stores and malls or while traveling on your next vacation excursion, you will be delighted with this card’s great benefits and conveniences.

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  1. Thank you @admin for this review of the Visa Electron card. I do think the security measures of having to swipe this card and having a PIN makes this card very worth while go have. I have a Visa Debit card and my information is embroied into the card. So it can be copied and used else where. But the Electron card is good since it does not do that.

  2. Thanks Admin to share this very useful info about Visa Electron card. Plz also tell me is there is any need to first deposit to activate this card, if yes ? then how much deposit?. And is there is need of any primary account for this card to get? It should be more better for us if you will share also applying method to this card and criteria for doing so.

    • @hafiz786 : To Open a visa electron, first you need to know which bank near your area provide visa electron ATM. After you find it, apply a new bank account that use visa electron ATM. There is no certain criteria to apply this type of account. As long as you have your identity card and money, you can apply it.

  3. Well the review of Visa Electron is very informative. the Description and details shows that this Visa Electron card is just like any other Debit card that provide worldwide services and also secure as well.
    The things which I want to ask are
    1. is this Visa Electron service is legit,
    2. Any activation fee or charges.
    3. Any annual charges
    4. If we withdraw through ATM from any Country what should be the transactions charges.
    5. Is there any need to renew it ( means Expiry date etc.)

    • @post2serch:
      1. Visa elctron is very legit, since it own by the visa company.
      2. It depend on the bank that you apply it. All you need is open a new bank account that use via electron atm.
      3. There is a monthly atm cost about half dollar
      4. It will count as withdrawal charge, that cost you no more than a dollar.
      5. It will automatically renew every 3-5 year as long as you have an active bank account.

      • Yes everyone of you are correct about the Visa Electron card. And its benfits are just the same as most others. I too recommend that you find out if you have a local bank near where you can withdraw or deposit on the card. As it is sometimes difficult to make deposits on them if needed.

        I would also say to check your country to see if it is available as some are restricted to certain countries. And can only be used online to purchase from certain countries.

  4. Thanks Admin to share this very useful info about Visa Electron card. Plz also tell me is there is any need to first deposit to activate this card, if yes ? then how much deposit?.
    Well the review of Visa Electron is very informative
    I may be no visa card app

  5. Thanks Admin to share this very useful info about Visa Electron card. Plz also tell me is there is any need to first deposit to activate this card, if yes ? then how much deposit?. And is there is need of any primary account for this card to get?

  6. Visa Electron is a debit card available across most of the world, with the exception of Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United States. The card was introduced by Visa in 1985 and is a sister card to the Visa Debit card. The difference between Visa Electron and Visa Debit is that payments with Visa Electron require that all the funds be available at the time of transfer, i.e., Visa Electron card accounts may not normally be overdrawn. Visa Debit cards, on the other hand, typically allow transfers exceeding available funds up to a certain limit.[citation needed] Some online stores and all offline terminals (like on trains and aircraft) do not support Visa Electron because their systems cannot check for the availability of funds.

    • @truong1992 : That was very useful information, We thank you for that. Many people didn’t know about the different between visa electron an visa debit card. I myself just know it from your information. So if there’s another info, please shar with us here

  7. First of all I want to say thanks to @admin to share about such a useful, and another type of VISA Card. No doubt, after reviewing your provide details regarding VISA Electron Card, that this card is also a best choice to use with our bank. But I am still confused only in one area for this card, Can any body tell me, in which countries this card not support to?

    • i think no need to confused where in the world you cannot use it, better be, you use it where you can use it, because that’s the important thing that having something useful, isn’t it? But i think you can use the visa card almost in every nation that have modern banking system. But you cant use it if only the store that you are shopping in, not having the card merchant.

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