War Casino Game Rules

War Casino is based on the casino card game known as War. This is a very simple card game that requires players to have little to no skills. In fact, it is known as one of the only casino card games where players area able to beat the dealer 50% of the time. This is because War is based on pure luck, giving players a 50/50 chance of winning. While this game is easy to understand and to play, there are a few rules and regulations that should be known before playing. Knowing what to expect in the event of a tie and having a game strategy will make War even easier to play and enjoy in the casino.

How to Play War
The game of War is typically played with a standard deck of 52 cards. All cards in the deck are used. The card values are ranked the same way as they are in poker and other casino games, with aces being ranked the highest, followed by the king, queen and jack. To begin the game, one card is dealt to both the player and the dealer. The first rule of the game is that if the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, they win the wager that they bet. If the dealer draws a card that is higher than the player’s card, the player loses his or her bet. This continues throughout the entire game with one card being drawn to each player to determine which one is of a higher value each time until the deck is complete.

Rules for a Tie in War
In some cases, a tie may occur in the game of War. A tie occurs when the player and the dealer are dealt a card of the same value. In the event of a tie, the player may choose from two different options. They can either surrender which causes them to lose half of their bet or they can choose to go to war. When going to war, the player and dealer are required to place another wager that is of the same size as the first wager that was placed.

When the player opts to continue playing in the event of a tie, the dealer must burn 3 of the cards before each player is dealt an additional card. Burning the cards means that they are discarded. If the player obtains a card that is ranked higher than the dealer’s, they win all 3 of the bets which include the original wager, the tie bet and the wager that was matched from the dealer due to the tie. It is possible to be tied on the second set of cards that are drawn during the war as well. If this happens, the player wins both of the bets.

Rules for the Tie Bet
In Casino War, there is a bonus bet feature on ties in the game. The player is able to choose whether they would like to bet on the tie or not. If his or her card does in fact match with the dealer’s card and they tie, the player wins 10 to 1 on the original wager that was made on the tie bet. This bonus bet can be extremely beneficial for acquiring additional winnings during the game.

Making a War Strategy
While the game of Casino War is pretty straightforward, some players may choose to take advantage of his or her own strategy. Many game rules and theories state that players should never choose to surrender during the game, as surrendering during the tie has a small advantage for the house if a bonus payout is offered during the game.

The House Advantage
At the first draw of the card, War is a pretty 50/50 game in terms of who will take home the winnings. In a standard playing game, both the dealer and the player have a 46.3% chance of winning when the first card is drawn. The house advantage occurs after the first draw of the card and the various outcomes from potential ties. The house advantage continues to increase with the number of card decks that are in play and decreases in casinos that offer bonus payout features. The house advantage of War is typically over 2%.

There is no mystery in the game of War because all cards are dealt to the player and the dealer face-up. Winners are determined simply on the value of the cards at play which make War a very easy and straightforward game for most to understand. With simple rules as stated above and the ability to play against only the dealer rather than multiple table companions, War can be less intimidating to play than other casino card games.

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