War Game Tips & Strategies

Casino War is based on the game of War that children play with cards. Each player gets a card, and the one with the highest-ranked card wins. If both cards are ranked the same, the players go to war and three more cards are dealt face down, and the fourth cards are compared, and the highest-ranked card wins. The games odds seem to be even, but in casinos, the casino needs to have an edge. Knowing the basics of how to play and how the house gets its edge, the player can use some strategies for winning.

The card game of War has been around for centuries. It was originally played with a single pack of 52 cards, but casinos use six regular 52-card packs. The house advantage only occurs when there is a tie. Using more decks to play the game increases the house advantage. Casino war is also played online against the dealer in Internet casinos.

At the Mirage, Casino Niagara and other casinos, if the dealer and player have a tie after waging war on a tie, the player will get a bonus that is equal to the original wager.

The Game 

The table for playing war is similar to a blackjack table. First, the player places a bet, and then the dealer gives a card and the dealer takes a card. The ranks of the cards are compared. The dealer wins the player’s bet if her card is the highest. The player wins money from the casino equal to the amount of their bet if his or her card is ranked higher. The game appears to be even, but if there is a tie? In order to go to war in a casino, the player needs to place another bet that is equal to the first. The dealer then deals three cards face-down with the fourth card face up to each, but the catch is, if the casino wins the tie, it gets both bets. If the player wins the tie, he or she only wins the original bet. The other option to going to war is to surrender. This means the player loses half of the original bet.

The Strategy

Casino war is played with six decks and the player and casino have equal chances of winning on the first or ante bet.

Players need to make the decision whether or not to surrender or go to war. If they go to war, the house’s advantage is 3.7 percent. If they surrender, the house’s advantage is 2.88 percent. With these numbers, the correct strategy is to always go to war and never surrender.

Players can prepare a plan ahead of playing and stick to the plan. First of all the player should look for a casino that allows them to play with their first bonus. This means the player is not staking their own money, but money from winnings that they could have won or lost. This is one time when players can take advantage of bonus schemes that are used by casinos to attract people, but have a limited possibility of actually being used.

Another option is to put a side bet as a wager that the player’s card will tie with the dealer’s card. The payout is 10 to one if he or she wins, which seems like a good profit if they win, but the odds are against the player winning a side bet and some consider it a foolish move. The casino’s edge is 18.5 percent.

Some tips for minimizing the risks:

• Players should only place moderate bets because if there is a tie, and they do not want to surrender, they will need to double their original bet.
• Aces are high in casino war. Their value may be different, but they will always be the highest card in the deck. Since the game is based on probabilities and not certainties, the probability is high that the ace will win. The alternative is a tie, and losing in the second round.
• If the player can’t afford to double their original bet in the event of a tie, they will lose the first bet. If they are planning to stop playing, this may be the only time surrendering makes sense. It’s better to lose half the wager than all of it.
• One strange tip is to play war when there in a full moon. This is definitely an unproven tip, but some people swear by it.
• Casino war is played very fast. It is recommended that players take a break every half hour to rest their eyes and wallets. They can take a short walk to calm their nerves.

Casino war is considered the easiest game to play in most casinos, and some people consider it so easy, it’s no challenge and boring. However, it may be more interesting than playing the slots, and the house edge is usually lower than for most slots.

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