War Game

warPlay a classic childhood card game, now with higher stakes. Challenge your enemy – the dealer – to war to win big.

Place a bet on the table that the single card you are dealt will be higher than the single card the dealer is dealt. You are dealt a single, face-up card, and then the dealer is dealt their own single, face-up card. If your card is higher, you double up on your bet. If the dealer’s card is higher, you lose your bet. But if you and the dealer are dealt the same value card, it’s war!


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If your card ties the value of the dealer’s card, you can either go to war or surrender. If you choose to surrender, half of your original bet is given over the house, and you keep the other half.

You can also choose to battle it out in a game of war. If you choose to go to war, your bet is automatically doubled. The dealer is then dealt three cards face-down. You are dealt a second card face-up. This is the card that will determine your fate. The dealer is dealt a final card face-up. If your second face-up card beats the dealer’s final face-up card, you win. However, if your second face-up card is lower than the dealer’s final face-up card, you lose your original bet and the secondary bet you placed on the war.

Want to make things even more interesting? Place a side bet in the middle of the table. Should you go to war with the dealer and win, this secondary bet pays out big – 10 to 1, to be specific. A $20 regular bet with a $20 side bet pays out $280 if you win a war with the dealer. Be careful with this side bet, though, as you are basically betting that there will be a tie and, in turn, a war. If there isn’t a tie, you lose that secondary bet, even if you win the hand.

This video table game takes the classic card game of your youth and gives it an extra twist thanks to the betting. The 10 to 1 payout on side bets on war match-ups give an incentive for you to try to predict a head-to-head match-up and take on the dealer when the opportunity arises. Get ready for a Battle Royale of epic proportions with the War video table game.

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