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Quads Video Poker
Video poker is a game that rewards players with payouts for making good poker hands. These hands can range from a high pair to the elusive royal flush, with many other hands in between. If you spend a lot of time around others who play video poker, you’ll soon discover that some hands have nicknames. One of these hands is four-of-a-kind, often referred to as “quads.”

Why is Four-of-a-Kind Called Quads in Video Poker?

The word “quad” is an abbreviation for “quadruple”. Quadruple simply means a group of four. Hence, four-of-a-kind in video poker is also referred to as having quads. Three-of-a-kind is called having “trips” and a full house is often called a “boat.”

Quads are one of the most powerful hands in all forms of poker. You can make quads with any card in the deck. There are four of each card from A-K. In video poker, the card used to make your four-of-a-kind won’t matter. In real poker, it is possible for two players to hold quads. In this case, the higher four-of-a-kind wins. In other words, four aces will beat four kings.

In video poker you are not playing against another opponent. All quads will offer you the same payout. On most video poker games the payout for quads is 25-1. If your bet was one coin you would receive 25 coins as a payout. For a bet of two coins the payout would be 50, and so on.

Clearly, this is a hand that you should be trying to make unless you have a strong chance at hitting a royal flush.

What Are The Chances of Getting Quads in Video Poker?

The probability of making quads on any given hand of video poker is 0.002 percent. It doesn’t happen very often. In some versions of video poker like Deuces Wild the probability of making quads is much better but the payouts are less because of the presence of wild cards.

Still, in a game of video poker you should usually try to draw for quads if you have been dealt trips, or three-of-a-kind, to start. Your probability of making quads increases substantially anytime you have two or more of a single card to start. It is usually advisable to hold these cards and draw for a fourth rather than release them to try for a royal flush. The reason for this is that a royal flush is even more difficult to make.

The exception to this would be if you have a three-of-a-kind that consists of any of the cards used to make a royal flush. For example, let’s say you were dealt Ah-As-Ac-Ks-Qs. In this case you have an automatic winner in the three aces and you also have a good chance to draw a fourth ace if you release the king and queen. You will note, however, that you also have three of the five cards needed for the royal flush.

This can be a tough decision for a video poker player to make, but the right call would be to release the Ah and Ac and draw two new cards in the hopes of making the royal flush.